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I’m back in Singapore again, this time for the LG Prada phone launch
They’ve flown down bloggers from S.E.A. and from Malaysia they’ve invited Kenny Sia, Ringo Cheesie, NicoleKiss and myself

Sorry for absolute lack in posts

Lots of rushing around and rubbish
I missed my flight back from Bangkok on Monday night -_-
Finally all the Almost-Missed-My-Flight-But-Caught-It karma has caught up with me

Funnily enough, when we were told we missed our flight,
I didn’t get too upset or angry, tho Person-Who-Felt-It-Was-His-Fault was livid and didn’t speak for half an hour
When one of the staff took me to claim back my luggage, it took really long to come
And i thought, “Shit… i’m not upset by missing the flight. But i swear if they lose my suitcase and all my shopping I WILL CRY.”

Anyway we had to wait overnight in the airport till we could catch the 7am one back to KL on Tues morning
Spending the night in the airport was cold!
And we did silly things to pass the time like counting how many Thai coins we had left, what we could buy, and whether we could find more on the ground :p
I read half my book
We took turns sleeping for fear of our luggage or missing the second flight
That would be SO FAIL i tell you

Got back Tues, went to work
Was so sleepy from lack of sleep / sleeping on airport bench

Early this morning, packed for Sg
And am at St Regis Hotel now to work while the others are all out walking around

Loving the king-size bed, automatic curtains, Bose surround sound and butler service
My butler’s name is Sam
And i’ve bugged poor Sam for lots of silly things already


Will blog more later
I have pics from my previous Singapore trip (two weeks ago) in my drafts so not so fail

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