My Drink Was Bigger Than My Head

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… at Culture ONE in Bangkok, because they were sold in little buckets.

Bangkok Culture 1

MaintainMing came flashing his gold chains, and LittleMissCris came flashing through his lace.
“I think i have the same tights as you… are they from Topshop?” i queried
Bangkok Culture 1

Bangkok Culture 1
So cute, they went around carrying signs to push ppl to go to the electro area.
Bangkok Culture 1

LittleMissCris + Ethan

Bangkok Culture 1

TigerJoe + YC

Bangkok Culture 1

, GoldfishAlvin (who spun that night), fairy, LittleMissCris, Roxy, MaintainMing in the middle
Bangkok Culture 1

KinkyPug came late and i leaped on him.

Bangkok Culture 1

, YC, and Roxy

I swear, Chelle and YC were like mirror images ok that night
Fringe, black pants with loose basics over black bikini tops…
Cannot tell them apart once the alcohol hit

Oh wait, can.

YC is the noisier one.

Bangkok Culture 1

I like this picture of Cris
There was this inflatable giraffe (and you know how i love my zirafahs!!!) which i kidnapped and promptly pranced around to wave at people.

Bangkok Culture 1

Then Kevin stole it to make it do nasty things to Vince.
Who looks like he’s enjoying it.

Bangkok Culture 1

See see see. Another picture of me biting MaintainMing’s chains.

Bangkok Culture 1

Tights from Singapore;
Royal blue top from some independent Singaporean designer;
Watch – given by Levi’s;
Shoes from Silom in Bangkok, guess how much?

100 Baht = roughly RM10

Whatmore it was super comfy and i got no blisters from jumping around in them all night.

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