I’m Addicted To Late Nights

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Cos i’m still awake even thought i’m quite tired from:

– walking around shopping all afternoon
Singaporean boutique people are so friendly! Or maybe just the ones of the stores we like.
We made friends and chatted to a few people, one even inviting us to his club night at Zirca, and others making willing conversation with us till DidiBuli (who has ADD) started spacing out. She said i did too but i don’t remember. Short-term memory mar. My Spoil-Myself buy was a well-preserved vintage bag with the most fascinating locks. Will post pic of it when i get back to KL.

– rushed to put our shopping down, change and went for dinner

– Ting Tings’ concert
i enjoyed myself SO much in the earlier half of the concert. Somehow the last song just didn’t do it for me… disappointment! But it was still so layan to watch them live. I heart.

– Clarke Quay
we walked around and i took some pictures like the tourist i am. Shamelessly.

– Zirca
Since we were around the area, we dropped by Zirca which was rather interesting. Will post pics la.

Kyan was describing this restaurant called The White Rabbit that sounded like an absolute charm to go to, so will be lunching there tomorrow!

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