Muchos Christmas Pics!

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Better to chuck these up before time passes, i get lazy, and never blog it!

Christmas Eve dinner was at Uncle Michael’s house:

Christmas 08

JingHua, Christopher, David, Daddy

Christmas 08

Cheeky Chris. He’s damn heavy. I can barely carry him anymore.
Christmas 08

Christmas 08

Uncle Michael cutting siew yoke he made, while Aunty Gerry looks on.
I think it’s a Chinese thing to have siew yoke during Christmas…

I totally pigged out on Uncle Michael’s wild boar which he cooks himself
Even on the way to the house, i told Nick, “I hope there’s wild boar again… damn nice last year… *drools*”

Christmas Day dinner
was at Aunty Gerry’s new house in Valencia:
Christmas 08

Her patio overlooks the golf course.
i said it’s big enough for me to put my kiddy pool there.
Christmas 08

Christmas 08

Starters – parma ham and honey dew
Christmas 08
Uncle Mark carving the turkey

Christmas 08

I heart brussel sprouts, i really do!
Christmas 08

Christmas glass angels bought in Melb.

Christmas 08
NickIsTaller and his girlfriend, Sonia
He was starting to get irritated cos i kept on getting her name wrong with him, calling her Fiona or Tania
Finally been getting it right the past few weeks :p
Sorry, memory cannot make it

Christmas 08

Daddy got socks (ahaha) from Mama (my grannie)
Christmas 08

Mama in her new shades.
She flew back from London a week before Aunty Gerry and i got a telling off for not going to see her first >.<

Christmas 08

NickIsTaller, Mummy, me
Christmas 08

Turkey carcass

Ooh the turkey was the best there… super tender!

Christmas 08

JingHui, JingHua, Sonia, SmallsMinkyMin and me surrounding Uncle Mark
We joked he looks like a dirty old man surrounded by young Chinese chicas (even tho there’s a bald one in there :p)

Christmas 08

SmallsMinkyMin + i wearing the necklaces Mama gave us

I got this AWESOME sequined skirt and shrug from Primark from Aunty Gerry and Uncle Mark
And a fairy book heh
I’ll never get sick of fairy stuff i swear

Christmas 08

AuntyGerry passed out on the patio floor for a while after all that eating and drinking
Guess it runs in the familyย   :xsilly:

I almost keeled over when Daddy told me her patio floor and roof cost 47k


I’m obviously not going to be buying a house for a long time


Christmas 08

Oldest, youngest, middle child – Aunty Gerry, Daddy, Uncle Yeepak

Christmas 08

We played roulette after dinner
‘Twas kinda funny, when i entered the game, the numbers 33 and 34 stood out to me
So i put my chip there and won


We didn’t play big money, just like 50 cents to a few bucks per person
I kept on counting my winnings by how many Guinnesses i could buy
“Yay i can buy three pints!”
Few minutes later, “Damn, i’m down to one and a half pints…”
By the end of the game i’d won roughly 5 pints worth and nobody wanted to play with me anymore


Other random pictures from Xmas:

Christmas 08

Freeformer Jeen and i at Lapsap @ Barsonic
Jeen’s an angel when it comes to helping me with work
I heart Jeen

Christmas 08

I ‘found’ these tights in my room
Think i got them in Singapore
And wore them with my beloved New York Superstars PassedOutBen got me for my birthday three years ago
CK silver sequin top from Club21 sale this year


My office table wasn’t looking very Christmas-ey cos i’m damn lazy to lug things there to decorate and then clear up afterward
But Rengeeta from Compass Comm popped in with a 6-bottle Heineken pack
I thanked her as she gave it to me
Then she went, “Wait, wait…”
Clicked on a switch, and wala!

Christmas 08

I was all, “Oooooooh! Prettyyyy!”
Damn jakun

Thanks Heineken


Went to meet AshleyTheMonkey and FaiTheMai at The Curve for Ash to pass us pressies
We went to Daiso, this new Japanese store above Borders and FOS
Everything in it sells for RM5

Christmas 08

Oh my god, there’s damn a lot of interesting rubbish to buy there…

Christmas 08

The monkey and the mai

Christmas 08

Ashtrays for RM5 each too

Christmas 08

And bowties! I bought a red one heh.
Will be stuffing myself with more food at DreamerCyn’s house for Boxing Day dinner

I wish it was Christmas all the time
Then everyone (especially me) will always be happy and fat

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