I Look Like A Punk Kid.

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fairy bald

DidiBuli took this the moment i stepped into office today.

It was supposed to be a “Number 1” shave to raise 10k for the Malaysian Pediatric Foundation and Rumah Shalom
But they approached me asking whether i’d go all the way for an extra 10k
I said ok
And the bidding actually reached a 20k in total…

So now i look like a punk kid.

It feels either too hot or too cold all the time..!

But it’s okay, i’ll rock it up for Christmas  :xlaughing:

140 Responses to I Look Like A Punk Kid.

  1. michelle says:

    what you did is amazing, and for a great cause. you should be so proud of yourself! πŸ™‚ you look alright, anyway.

  2. KENNY says:


  3. kreazi says:

    You’ve got a really cool look there, love it! What’s more, for such a noble deed, bravo~

  4. Abbey says:

    But ur head tak round.. haha

  5. pundekman says:

    “ur cool”, “respect”, “LOVE YOUR LOOK”, etc…why don’t u pathetic ppl get a life!instead of getting an orgasm here. This is just a publicity stunt peeps!

  6. Ashleigh says:

    Publicity stunt or not, this is a great way to raise money for a good cause. After all, publicity does help to raise awareness for charities and the like.

    Only Joyce can make being bald look hot! =)

  7. Jwan says:

    r e s p e c t.

  8. pundekman says:

    yes, the charity part is good but the comments here are a bit over the top right? Look at how you ended your comment?
    “Only Joyce can make being bald look hot! =)” puhleez…

  9. Pixeldoll says:

    Hi Joyce, you look fine being bald, your head is an ok shape. I admire your courage to go bald for charity. *Respect* Your hair will grow back in no time at all. People, try to have a heart. Don’t leave mean comments. What good will they do? She’s been selfless enough to do this for others. Can’t you see that is really something? People who criticise this action is really immature. Not to mention sounding totally silly and childish. You go, girl!

  10. pik says:

    Wow, you look amazing bald.
    When people stare, they’re probably thinking, “damn she’s hot”. So strut it and keep doing your thing. (:

  11. mummmmm says:

    pundekman and supamamia: i agree with you guys, that’s exactly the thing i was getting at! too bad some commenters here are drowning in their own shallowness to realise that… doing things for charity is great, using your popularity to raise awareness of an issue and getting people to chip in even better, but for the last few days there has been no mention of the charity from the beginning but just the self-absorbed prattlings of a bald chick. we’ll just have to see if she keeps to her word and writes about said charity she’s doing it for… if not it’ll only just prove it was a sad desperate attempt to gain fame as opposed to the “noble” thing she was trying to do from the beginning.

    oh and other commenters, all you’ve ever done is just comment about how joyce looks hot bald. “joyce has done a good thing, yeah she looks good bald,” clap clap, get over it. like some other people have said already here, this kind of thing has been done overseas. stop being so superficial and realise although this head-shaving thing was for charity, there are countless people around the world who do good things but don’t publicise it and expect people to praise them — it’s called having humility.

  12. Hello says:

    Omg so pretty! I thought it was some high end editorial picture. honestly!

  13. vvssyy says:

    joyce u r doing something for a good reason(we are proud of you), you just make the world a better place, for those who think being bald is that bad, in the first place were they even given a chance to do such charity? be proud of urself, you did a great job! and u still looks good coz we can see what’s in you, its not alwiz physical appearance that matters, its who u r, when someone is doing something good to help others we appreciate encouraged them and we dont discouraged them just bcoz we dont do it.

  14. vvssyy says:

    joyce we are proud of you, you just make the world a better place, you still look good and most importantly you look even better coz we can see wats in you, be proud of urself gal, πŸ™‚

  15. Jenny says:

    You look gorgeous. You look like a women with confidence, poise, and a charitable, generous, giving heart. *smiles* How is that not gorgeous???


  16. supamamia says:

    Exactly… talk la about charity not just the about your head lor
    Sure other people shaved too for the same cause
    But tell us MORE about the CHARITY too

  17. steph says:

    good god supamamia, pundekman & mummmmm…

    yes, your comments do bring the shallow ones down to earth…but let them be…if they want to say how great joyce looks then let them…

    and about the fact that she hasn’t posted anything about the charity…you do realise how bloody busy the girl is right? she barely has time to put up her pictures and blog as often as she used to…and you all know about that since she’s spoken about it so many times already

    patience people…she’ll talk about the charity soon enough..obviously she knows thats more important than the shape of her head.. πŸ˜€


  18. lisha says:

    supamamia & co.

    i think you guys are forgetting about how much courage it takes, for a girl especially, to shave her hair off completely. and i think joyce is allowed to be immersed in her emotions over it. just because thousands of other people have done the exact same thing doesn’t make it any less an act of good will.

    perhaps everyone needs to give her some space and let her get used to her own new self, before she starts to zoom out into the big picture and share that part of the experience with us all.

    not dissing here, but just pointing out that every situation has many facets and you are all zooming in one just one.

    ok. the end.

  19. pundekman says:

    no time to talk about charity but have time to post and ad? When it walks like a duck, talks like a duck….you know the rest

  20. anucia says:

    At least you had a reason to offer them, woman!
    I had to alternate between “It’s part of the Free RPK campaign” and “I was dared to” πŸ™‚
    Anyway, you look great
    Cheers to bald women!

  21. ZeekNotGeek says:

    hi joice!

    you looked cool liddat. hey come to think of it, you get to save $$ for shampoo, means more money for christmas shopping.

    its ok to shave for charity. come to think of it, Rm20k is a lot of money and it definately can help a lot.



  22. mummmmm says:

    steph: hello! i totally understand what you say… i know she’s busy, but what is completely weird to me is that immediately after she blogs about her head shaving, she then posts a long entry about what it’s like being bald… surely that can come later, right? then after that, she writes an advertlet about some movie promotion… i’m sure she’s paid to advertise said movie promotion so that post has to come up first, but still i’m guessing maybe all she needs is to get her priorities correct? anyway, it’s only been a few days… so we’ll see… πŸ™‚

  23. Eka says:

    Bald, bold, beautiful. πŸ™‚ You’re awesome, Joyce. As always. πŸ™‚

  24. MH says:

    i agree with steph, if supamamia, pundekman & mummmmm think this is a publicity stunt why don’t you three just expire somewhere…this is clearly out of jealousy because you just can’t stop coming back to joyce’s blog can you….. losers

  25. Cibai says:

    Gourd! You have a big nose.

  26. mummmmm says:

    look MH, i don’t have a problem with you, i just have a problem with hypocrisy. if i were in her position i wouldn’t milk my “noble” deed dry and expect people to love me just because i did something good for charity…

    yes, i acknowledge what joyce did was good, but i do NOT agree with how she went about posting this on her blog.

    think about this: if i donated a million dollars to a charity foundation and posted it all over my blog going “I DONATED 1 MILLION DOLLARS TO CHARITY AND I HAVE OPENED MY COMMENTS ON MY BLOG THAT I HAVE DISABLED PREVIOUSLY SO PEOPLE CAN COMMENT ON HOW GOOD OF A PERSON I AM!!”, you would be pissed off too wouldn’t you? you’d be reading my blog thinking, “oh what an attention whore… so many people anonymously donate money, is he expecting people to praise him?” by doing that, it immediately makes the good deed tainted. it doesn’t matter that a good deed was done anymore, people will now only think it was done under false pretenses — to make them look like a good samaritan when actually they’re just trying to fake being good. so there, that is how i view this whole bald stunt.

    “this is clearly out of jealousy”
    why should i be jealous of a hypocrite?

    anyway, i’ve not insulted you or were rude to you in anyway, so please have a grown up and matured discussion with me rather than telling me to “expire somewhere.”

  27. Petrina says:

    I always thought you could pull off any fashion/hairstyle you wanted.
    So, yeah, this is no exception. πŸ™‚

    Plus when your hair grows back, it’ll be so healthy and new. Like a virgin! =D

  28. jenn says:

    hi joyce!

    well, most ppl hv said all d positive comments tht i was goin to say. so, am not gonna repeat em.

    i respect d courage u have for shaving ur head for a good cause. its definitely not a common thing in Msia and am proud u did tht.

    p/s: i cant even get myself to hv bob-hairstyle cuz i think i’ll cry if they snip off my long,wavy hair.

    pp/s: u definitely pulled the look off well!1

    take care and stay positive!!

  29. pundekman says:

    That is the most illogical argument…You must be a starry eyed little girl/boy for coming up with something like that. Let’s see…when cannot back up argument with facts, just attack the opponent personally. There is a name for illogical arguments something like these…

  30. JoyceTheFairy says:

    hmm why is everyone so emo.
    haven’t posted the long post yet cos pictures take hours to edit and upload, plus i don’t even have free time when i’m at home. i just have time to sleep.

    not to worry, i have recently hired a freelance photographer for kbf who will be helping me take pics and upload cos i can’t keep up with my own events anymore.

    and she helped me write that advertlets ad πŸ˜‰ hence it’s up πŸ™‚


  31. smithkin says:

    i dont get why people have expectations from your blog?
    i mean, so what if u seek attention?
    i dont get it, SO WHAT?
    n why must you talk about the charity?
    because u shaved ur head for it?
    and the part that takes the cake is the one where you expect people to love you coz u did something for the charity.
    i dont know how you’re takin this. its too hilarious.
    anyways,im no fan or whatever. i think u’re cool the way u are.
    i would stare too btw. lol.
    but like u sed, the hair grows back!

  32. rays says:

    i saw u at showpink just now and i thought u look great =) u have a naturally sweet face. cheers!

  33. Christian says:

    My gf asked me if i would make love to her if she shaved her head.. Im like why would you shave you head? Then she gave me your site and I said for that reason 10 times A Day!!

    YOU RAWK!!

    Bless you for careing about ppl

  34. mummmmm says:

    Well done, you did mention about it and didn’t go back on your word… πŸ™‚ I hope those people who have been “inspired” by you are not just blowing hot air and do actually donate money. Come on, people! πŸ˜‰

  35. mich says:

    going bald actually make you look younger and carefree. i can testify to that because my gf shaved her head,skin, last year. at first i couldnt get used to it, but after a while, she looked ever more sexy and hot, especially when her hair is styled.

  36. cheek2cheek says:

    you have to hire someone to take care of your personal blog???
    maybe you’ve been drinking too much to cope up with time πŸ™‚
    what do you actually do.. professionally?

  37. Claryn says:

    freak you look cool!!!!!! punk + hip hop! saluteee!!!!

  38. Tian Chad says:

    Yeap, you look like a head shaved kids ;p
    Merry X’mas~

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