I will be up for bid :p

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Niki asked me whether i’d be up for selling myself off for a charity auction.
I said okay (cos it’s charity mar, and how can i say no to charity!)

So this Thursday, it’s possible to buy Joyce Time (with you!)
for RM100 upwards

For 2 hours, we can do anything you like (except sexual offerings -_-)

I’m thinking more of walk in the park (with beer, bubbles and food!)
Or i’ll go shopping with you!
Or we can just go hang out and makan somewhere (i’ll pay!)

If you can’t make it, i think you can contact these Twitterers to place a bid as well.

I told Clem about me going up for auction.

“What is dees? You didn’t tell me!”
“I TOLD you! I told you in Bali! You weren’t listening to me!”
“No no no, i would have remembered!”
“Anyway it’s for charity okay.”
“I’m fine. As long as it doesn’t involve you being in a hotel room.”

I told my Lovelies, and StephTheVolcano replied in the email thread:
“I say we just buy Joyce so that no one can share her…
then we just toss her back to Clem…
hahaha, toss is a bad word…we “return” her back to Clem..
Joyce cannot be shared!! Especially with randoms!!”

Damn cute la they all :p

But i told them not to do it cos that would defeat the purpose of this bid.
Besides, they get Joyce Time for free any timeย   :xheart2:

kuala lumpur twestival 2010

25th March 2010 @ 7pm
Starbucks, Ground Floor (G-01), Tropicana City Mall
How much?
RM 5 for tickets (includes a drink and lucky draw entry).
Weโ€™re only giving away 100 tickets! Get yours now.

Check out the other auctions going on *here*

Get all the details on Kuala Lumpur Twestival *here*!

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  1. Niki Cheong says:

    Thanks for doing this! ๐Ÿ™‚ Really, really grateful!

    Not sure if I wanna spend two hours with you in a bikini though ๐Ÿ˜› Can I “toss” you back to Clem for that? hahaha

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