Fairy Full Christmas

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Note to self as i rushed my last minute Christmas shopping yesterday – “NEVER DO THIS ON THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS AGAIN. START IN NOVEMBER NEXT YEAR.”

I ate so much last night i had to lie down for an hour.
I just. Couldn’t. Move.

Went to my uncle’s house where about 25 relatives gathered to chow down on Christmas eve.
Wild boar stew, mashed potatoes, greens, salad, roast chicken, roast pork, noodles.
I had two rounds.

Then i fetched Aunty Gerry and Uncle Mark to her friend Aunty Pat’s house for dinner (round 2!)
I didn’t take so much of each dish…
Turkey, stuffing, rice, ham, trifle.

Augh… i could barely breathe nor walk straight when i left to go home to charge my phone.

Gonna leave for CherubicCho’s house for Christmas lunch now…
Then dinner is at Aunty Gerry’s new house, she’s already bought the turkey and parma ham and stuff.

So. Going. To. Gain. Christmas. Chubs.
If i put on weight, i’m going to look like those little chubby monk kids in Cantonese movies.
Thank God i can pig out insanely and my metabolic rate is not half bad *touch wood*

I don’t care! It’s Christmas! I wanna scoff down as much as i want and can!

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