Cho’s Crispy Siew Yoke *drools*

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Yesterday involved more eating…
Went to CherubicCho’s house where i stuffed myself with turkey, greens (are good!), chicken, pate, and siew yoke.

Cho and FOOD
I’m so impressed with Cho’s siew yoke which he made himself
It was fucking A

cho's siew yokeeeee
The skin was JUST nice and light and crispy
With slim layers of fat and lean meat
Augh… Pork orgasm!
At one point when everyone was checking out the renovations that have been done in another part of the house,
I sat at the dining table by myself and slowly relished eating piece after piece
Till i MADE myself take the plate to the kitchen else, i told Cho, “I’ll never stop!”


Jin’s head is bigger than mine

All the men were gambling and at one point,
I said i felt like it was Chinese New Year
Cos of the siew yoke, gambling and non-Christmas music -_-
harold and i

Harold and i
CherubicCho and i

I told him his saham naik by ten points cos of his ability to cook siew yoke like that


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