Thank God for Autosave

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The weather’s been really horrid lately, alternating between storms and damn-hot-can-die.
Today when lightning struck, the electricity in the office went out.

Then everyone started screaming cos they didn’t save.

I was just trying to keep calm hoping upon hope that WordPress autosaves. I know Blogger does but wasn’t sure bout WordPress.

So i was thinking, “Cool… chill… keep calm first. Then go home and check. If benar-benar my post didn’t save then only start screaming.”


I forgot something funny that happened at the Bijou Bazaar yesterday.
It started raining (see! rain again!) and the worst thing was it had been insanely hot all day. So the rain just made us all get sticky skin.

I saw some of the bazaar folks moving clothes and shoes indoors so they wouldn’t get wet, as i continued my hunt for a cheap gem to take home.

Suddenly i saw a pair of shoes.

Black flats with a tiny metal plate on each toe.
Very classy.
And it appealed to me even though i rarely buy flats.
Ooh, i thought, and carefully stepped into them.
Perfect fit!

I always believe that if you stumble upon a pair of shoes at a junkyard sale, you fancy them and they’re a perfect fit, it’s A SIGN they’re meant to go home with you.

“Look!” i trotted over to QueenKanch and BabyNotFrumpy, “Nice shoes!”
They peered down as i gestured excitedly at them, “Perfect fit somemore! It’s A SIGN. :xlaughing:

BabyNotFrumpy: Oh! They’re not for sale! They’re someone else’s shoes..!  :xshocked:
QueenKanch: Ferragamo somemore, ha ha ha!!!  :xlaughing:

I meekly put them back in haste. Damn shy.  :xbummed:
Ferragamo? I didn’t even see the brand.
At least i know how to pick ’em.


I found some pics i edited for my blog and never put up -_-
i always do this! So just chucking them on now.

These were on my birthday night itself @ Somo, Mont Kiara.

somo guys

The Somo boys who’ve always been feeding me alcohol from the days i couldn’t afford it myself.

Girlies at Somo
NurMeiLing, fairy, SpankyCammy
QueenKanch, MaryBerry, AshleyTheMonkey

Ha ha! he hee!! Ho ho ho!!!

On another day, Sunday, to be exact, MaryBerry and i went to see FoxyLisa, Lokey and Lil Claire at The Apartment at The Curve.
Last time i gave Lil Claire a fairy top (much to DaddyLokey’s distress), which FoxyLisa layaned me by dressing Claire in.


Goo goo ga ga...

At first Lokey was watching me like a hawk lest i dropped his precious… but at least i can carry babies okay!!!

I’ve pretty much given up asking them to stop calling me auntie around Claire.
I keep on hearing Auntie Joyce this and Auntie Joyce that, oh, smile at Auntie Joyce…

When i say, no, no auntie rubbish please.
They switch to Auntie Fairy.

*sigh* Give up.

Lil Claire!

Aunties..? Takkan. 0_o

FoxyLisa, MaryBerry (likes being called Auntie btw), JoyceTheFairy (begs to differ)

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