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I retreated back to Somo on my birthday night for quiet drinks (okay, not so quiet after a few drinks) with MaryBerry, QueenKanch, AshleyTheMonkey, NurMeiLing, SpankyCammy and the Somo guys.

They made me drink the regulatory birthday drink which was the Tokyo Rush.
Then a flaming.
And i couldn’t!
I took one sip and had to pause.
Choked with laughter (and flaming in my mouth) to see VinceSkyrocker gesture a ‘wtf are you doing?’ look.

RowdyRudy and Tianna are in Bali. They sent me this last night – of stones they arranged.
I can imagine the pain and laughter they went through composing that while hammered…

“They should change the saying from “never work with children and animals” to include balloons. Fucking Wind.
Think you’ll appreciate how long it took, especially when ya riding Oscar juice ๐Ÿ™‚
Mika Love from,
Rudy and Tianna.”

Love love!

Thanks to everyone for the many smss, calls (my hp ended up dying early 0_o), SarChan forcing everyone in the office to sing me happy birthday (shy…), YC hiring the clown, FB msgs, beautiful gifts, and drinks and dinners friends are buying me till end of the month Laughing

And most of all, the love. Happy
I’m really happy.
My toes are wiggling in happiness today.
Priya’s going ‘yaya’.
Party pooper Silly

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