Backwards Is The Way To Go.

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The bungy was bloody amazing. We both went twice and i’m so proud i went backwards the second time.

“I’m going backwards now!” i yelled to RowdyRudy from the deck.
“You. Are. Mental!” he yelled back.

This dude, Dewa, from AJ Hackett promised jumping backwards was better then forward though i insisted i loved the view of the ocean hand-in-hand with the feeling i’m going to die.

Thanks to Azuan from AJ Hackett Malaysia for hooking us up for a 20% discount.
I adore AJ Hackett, yo Kiss

Will put up vids later!

After that, we had some down time in the van on the hour-long ride to Ubud where i had possibly the most amazing meal in my entire life.

No shit.

Mozaic. Will explain its divinity later.

BracesBrian aka B-Rock touched down just now, so us three are going to check out SmallSerena and BoltwomanLiza’s rockstar pad at Anantara in ten mins.

4 Responses to Backwards Is The Way To Go.

  1. Simon Seow says:

    I’m having a heart attack reading this.

  2. io says:

    OMG…Mozaic is possibly the best restaurant in Indonesia.

    And while you’re in Ubud, I hope you’ve checked out the babi guling at Ibu Oka and the coffee at Cafe Tutmak!

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    simon: eh heh…

    io: yeah it was out of this world… i didn’t get to check out the babi guling ๐Ÿ™

  4. […] i did it in Bali twice in 2008, and even tried going backwards the second time. I researched the highest bungy years ago, how high […]

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