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I nicely edited this Christmas-ey picture to post up and my code is going screwy on me again!

Went to Somo last night to exchange gifts with IceCalvin, JustinYap and Jasmine.
IceCalvin got me this fairy book which i already have, but his is better cos i bought mine (it was the last in the shop and i desperately wanted it even though it was) torn.
JustinYap made me a gorgeous pair of his haute couture shoes.
Only one of its kind! It’s 4-inch, red satin with python (PVC of course) trimming.
“It’s not a pair of come-fuck-me shoes… it’s fuck-me-right-now!”

KenDD showed me the new menu for Somo, in which there’s an official cocktail called… Kinky Blue Fairy!
I ran to show the rest it – “Look! I’m a cocktail!” *beams* Pleased
“Woo! How much?”
“… 18 bucks. Damn, i’m cheap.” Bummed

After that went to play Wii with AlcoJason and JappyCalvin till we passed out from the beer and laughing.

Okay gotta run.

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  1. Lainie says:

    is that the cocktail to buy if i want people drunk shiny and happy?

  2. Jun Yi says:

    Hope you had fun that night at Maya ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you take many pictures? Would love to have a few of the group pics if possible. Can you please drop me an email to let me know? Thanks!

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