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A year ago
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I FORGOT!!!!!!!

ARGH i’m so pissed off at myself!

Of all the things (okay fine there were alot of things BUT!) that i REALLY wanted to get for cheap in BKK

Been wanting one since i cut my hair short two years back
And saw some selling for cheap in Khao San area
But at the time, i lost the group and was feeling like a lost little girl and looking for them
So i forgot at the time
And meant to go back


I frantically texted Calvin in the evening today when i suddenly remembered that i forgot (standard line again *smacks head*) but he’d already touched down in KL


Such. A. Dumbass. Am. I.


No More Space

I stare in despair at my room as my bags lay unpacked
The new clothes squealing to get out and play
But i just don’t have the heart to take them out because…
I have yet to make space for them in their new home

“Hey Daddy.”
“Where do you think i could store all my things? You know, like my college stuff and others that i don’t use anymore but don’t want to throw away…”
“I don’t know… somewhere in the house?”
“Well. Why don’t you go online and see whether there’s a site which rents out warehouse space.”
“….. -_- “


She ran awry and shrieked nuts
She went waving ballistic
Her limbs all directions
She looked almost autistic

My little poem describing the utter madness i was in
EnvyMira asked me how was shopping in Bangkok
I replied that it felt like having a 3-day long orgasm.

Mystery Stargaze Lilies

Walked into the office today and squeaked when i saw DatinTini has changed her hairstyle
I said she looks like a porn star now
A high-so porn star la

“Hey, you got some flowers,” piped up Franchesca, her head popping over the divider in front of me
“Flowers?” i squinted suspiciously at them, thinking the team were playing a prank on me.
I’m sorry but yes, they’re extremely capable of that.
Tilting the huge bouquet over, i picked up the card tucked neatly into a holder there

Miss Joyce Kirsten Wong
Hope you had a good trip

No name so i don’t know who it’s from
DatinTini and TylerTheFairysitter were babbling whether it was sent by a girl or a guy

After asking a few suspects, none owned up so… oh well.
Funny thing is they’re stargaze lilies + roses, and stargaze lilies are one of my favourite flowers (tho very very few people know that, but okay by writing it here i guess alot know now :p i like them cos they look like fairies could hide in them for long )

As Per Usual

I rushed from home to the airport, without a wink of sleep
Packing was easy since i didn’t pack anything :p

Jessie, RavishingRita and me trying to look alive

I lost the right side of my giant wooden earring in the airport
“Argh! I lost my earring. Dammit.”
“Oh. I thought you purposely wore it on one side.”
“Sometimes i do but… today i didn’t!”

All earrings go to heaven?

Me in a stance ready to curl up and sleep

Hailing a taxi to MDK mall

Sausages that look like… Well. What *does* it look like to you?

Pork galore!
Galore i say!

Mini chilli packets in mothership

Saw a pug and thought of… ๐Ÿ™‚

Went to Suan Loo at night where there was this huge food court with tacky singers and dancers on stage.
Still, they provided some entertainment (read: girl in tight white pants singing. read: camel toe action)

2nd morning – off to Khao San

GoofyGobi couldn’t tahan for 7-Eleven to release the beer at 5 pm

Besides Khao San main road, you have* to explore the backlanes as well
Where the treasures are cheaper

Mmm… up to you whether these are considered treasures.

HonSeng having a tough time sifting through the choices of silver jewelry

Okay look. Compare the superhumongousgiganticgilababi silver earrings that catch your eye first to the ones in the tray which are actual size.

The girls got super excited over a baby elephant lumbering outside our guesthouse
His owner had food with him which he’d sell to tourists to feed
I don’t know. I’m all for baby elephants but i’m not all for him being used like that.

Rear light for transport whose trunk is in the front instead of the back

Oh yeah!
We bumped into IceCalvin on Khao San Rd that evening
“I saw your red hair and thought* it was you..!”

Justin and him joined us at Bed Supperclub that night
The real Bed Supperclub
Not the fake one in Penang and KL that plagiarised their logo almost right down to a T *ptui*

My first time there was with KinkyPug and Michael in January
Again, i felt awfully short cos everyone’s so bloody tall
Alot of kwailos

Calvin and Justin got an awesome lounge spot upstairs cos they went earlier then us

Jessie, Rita, me

HonSeng, RR

IceCalvin and Justin

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  1. Anonymous says:

    mmmmmm pork!! and that porn silver shop, the name just sound so wrong hahaha

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey the little elephant is so cuteeee! Can die!
    The treasures are… dinosaurs? lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    i soooooooooo want a wig toooo!!! LOLS. And ooooooooooomg. I love elephants! The poor baby! He looks sad..look at his eyes…(- _ -)

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