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I rocked up solo at the preview of DCODE, that was held in Tujo Bar at the Ascott. After taking a shot at the photo wall (no pic means no proof right?) i gingerly stepped inside to survey the vibe and where i should head to first.

Lam (who was my team manager when i used to work in BAT) ushered me to have some food, and i thought, “Yes, fill my tummy before i start drinking.” There lay a spread of medium rare steak with a variety of sauces, and oysters that were regularly replenished on a bed of ice. As i stood behind a couple i didn’t know and stared at the oysters, i jumped into conversation with them, “Dammit. If i knew there were oysters here i wouldn’t have eaten them yesterday!”

One of them said, “You can never have too many oysters!”

Actually, yes you can. When i went to the Whitstable Oyster Festival with Neena + Jason, i ate so many oysters i almost threw up oyster, and didn’t feel like eating a single one for an entire year. Now my penchant for them is back with a vengeance.

Turns out the couple were tattoo artist Taco Joe and his gf Shanta, who was very sweet to invite me to join them.
“Who are you with?” she asked.
“I came alone.”
“Join us,” she nodded her head towards the next room and led the way.

At the table were more people i knew like Julian Oh (who did my upper arm tattoo) whom i chatted to while eating my food. Dennis Yin emceed, and i got to meet Jazel Lim in person for the first time (whom we’ve only communicated with for work via email) and found myself enjoying my conversation with her. #Sorrynotsorry Millennials, but i seem to only connect with some individuals of your generation. But then again, i believe it’s not an age thing… it’s a personality thing.


With Venice Min and Jazel. Doesn’t she look like a Disney cat?

We discovered we have a 10-year age gap.
Jazel: I hope i look like you at 34!
Me: Oh you will, Asian genes!


Had a great chat with Roen whom i spilled secrets to… cos he’s an old friend. And also cos i made him swear on his daughter’s life. This is gonna be my new trick – make sure friends who are parents keep mum by making them SWEAR ON THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES. ?



It was fun… till we shut the party down. I don’t know why I’m always the last to leave… (ok fine i do, i’m just one of those people who doesn’t want the party to end).

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DCODE House of 1A is an exclusive space where DCODE and the best-in-class industry experts come together to create an experience:

Masses [sneakers] @massesmy

Jun Ong [light artist] @junihaoni

The Tomoe [multimedia visual collective] @thetomoe

Z1MPLEX [cocktails, art] @z1mplex

Pestle & Mortar [street fashion] @pestlemortarclothing

Kenji Chai [graffiti artist]  @mr_kenjichai

Wayang Kulit Tatu [tattoo artists] @wayangkulittatu

Raising The Bar [music]

Angel Ng, Joshua Ivanovic, Andrew Tan [mixologists]


Spread across 7 weeks starting Nov 16th in a chic location at Menara Ken TTDI, DCODE teams up with the above list of superstar collaborators for these invite-only events.

Win exclusive invites: www.dcode.my/events


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