Last light

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Sometimes you don’t want that day to end
cos when the darkness falls, there’s no going back
No going back to the same day
where just hours earlier many things, a million things, were different

A second, a phone call, a message, a word
a blurt escaping one’s mouth
a breath releasing itself
a goodbye

Before last light, there could have been
another ‘what if’, an ‘i should have’, an ‘i wish’

Souls breeze through the air
returning to the universe
from the stardust it called home

Signs and synchronicity give us messages
meant for one and no other
Listen… before the last light fades.


+ + + + +

Rest in peace Uncle Lai.
Thank you for taking care of me and raising me in my earliest years.

How i assumed you would be with us for longer.
How foolish i am to take for granted that i could visit you whenever was convenient to me.

Thank you for reminding me to live as furiously as i can.

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