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A few weeks ago, I flipped the calendar on my desk to show the month of March, and then it hits me. April is next. And we all know what that means. Well, if “Easter!!” is what you had in mind, we have a difference of opinion there (but still, YAY EASTER). The coming of April, means the coming of the one day a year you can prank your friends without being made to feel like a completely bad person. Why yes ladies and gentlemen, April Fool’s Day is almost upon us!

I hope you guys are excited (because I’ve been waiting for this day since April 2nd, 2o16). Whether you’re the kind of person who pulls small pranks every year to have a laugh with your friends, or one of those who devote April Fool’s Day to outdoing their pranks from the year before, I think we can all agree that watching our loved ones (and occasionally, strangers) fall for our pranks, however small, makes that little mischievous part of our brain sing and dance with joy.

I’d say I’m quite the prankster myself, having once gathered a group of friends to lock one of my mate’s house gates with a padlock we bought. Things went awry though when the one responsible for keeping the key (me T.T) lost it. As a consequence, all of us had to act as this friend’s driver, and food delivery person for the weekend until the locksmith was able to come and cut open the padlock (which we also had to fork out money for). However, my pranks are small-time compared to some funnier (and debatable) ones I have seen online >

The 2 Grams for $40 Prank

Nathan Fieldera Canadian writer and comedian told his Twitter followers to text their parents the following message, “I got 2 grams for $40” and follow up immediately with another text reading “Sorry, ignore that txt. Not for you.”

Nathan Fielder prank kinky blue fairy april fools

He then told his followers to post the responses they got so they could all laugh about it.

2 Grams for 40$ Kinky Blue Fairy April Fools 1

2 Grams for 40$ Kinky Blue Fairy April Fools 2

I’m unsure of whether these were the results he expected, but this would make a pretty funny story to tell, well except for the victimized parents. The next two, however, took their prank one step further than the rest.

2 Grams for 40$ Kinky Blue Fairy April Fools 3

Just a note, I wouldn’t recommend trying this yourself, but I won’t stop you! 🙂

+ + + + +

The ChAir-Horn 

We’ve all seen the ‘whoopee cushion on a chair’ prank, but someone has taken that classic prank to the next level, using an office chair, and an air horn.

Air Horn Office Chair

With a little creativity, energy and a lot of tape, the trap was set.

As you can see from the video, the results were pretty hilarious. There are quite a large number of people who have fallen victim to this prank, a quick search on YouTube will lead you to many more similar videos.

+ + + + +

The Scary Maze Prank

Now this is one that never gets old, and isn’t for the faint of heart. Unsuspecting victims are sent a link by their friends and family leading to what seems to be a simple in-browser web game where the player uses his mouse to navigate a maze. The width of the maze decreases over time, causing the player to focus even more on the screen in order to ‘win’ the game. At some point, the screen just swaps out with an image of a ghost, and loud screams blast from the computer speakers, causing hilarious, yet sometimes emotional and physical responses.

This video has to be one of the most famous responses to the prank, although a quick search on YouTube will provide a long list too. Hint, don’t turn it up too loud, or you might end up scaring yourself.

For those who wish to unleash this prank on your own unsuspecting victims, there is still a working website that has this particular game, just click HERE. However, I do advise caution. If you send this to someone, I will not be held responsible for any injury, whether it be physical, emotional, or to your relationship / friendship.

+ + + + +

Candied Tears

We’ve all heard of candied apples right, some are made with caramel coating, some with toffee, and others with the classic red hard candy coat around it.

April Fools Pranks Kinky Blue Fairy

But what happens when someone wants to turn this sweet treat into a bitter slightly spicy one. There have been individuals who decided to prank people around by swapping out the apples, with onions.


This is one prank that is (relatively) safe to play. Just swap out the apples in your favorite candy apple recipe with onions. Serve, and watch as your guests cringe after they take a bite. Beware tho, they might never be back (unless that was your motive).

+ + + + +

The Vodka-Vinegar Prank

Now this is another prank I have a personal connection with, as I have been on both the giving and receiving end of it. It’s relatively simple to execute, and yet the results are hilarious, but almost always wet and messy. Simply fill some white vinegar into a few shot glasses, and arrange them in between other shot glasses that have vodka, or other clear spirits inside them (I was on the receiving end of one that was supposed to have tequila).


Take note that you should ensure electronic devices are a safe distance away as almost every time I was involved with this prank, spitting the vinegar out was a common reaction by the victims.

P/S : I don’t condone the excessive consumption of alcohol, so please don’t start drinking alcohol just so you can play this prank. However, if you were going to drink regardless of whether you read this or not, you’re in the clear, go ahead! 🙂

[Joyce: Budak baik la Cavin ni…]

+ + + + +

Pop-Pop Toilet Seat Prank

Now this prank combines one of the most recognizable playthings from our younger days. I’m sure all of us know of Pop-pop, as well as its many differently-named counterparts.

Pop Pop Kinky Blue Fairy April Fools

For those who don’t, these little marvels create a loud popping noise when thrown, or stepped on. Strategically placing one of these little buggers in the locations marked in the picture below and leaving the toilet seat down will lead to explosive results.

Pop-pop toilet prank kinkybluefairy

When your unsuspecting victim sits down, the force acting downwards will cause the pop-pop to do what they were intended to do, pop!, leading to a hilarious scare. For obvious reasons, when I carried out this prank, I was unable to capture a video to share with you guys.

Let’s just hope that if you do go through with this prank, your victim isn’t rushing desperately to the toilet or the results may be a little more on the messy and disgusting side.

+ + + + +

Well, we have come to the end of the list. But here’s an easy one you can pull on your parents/girl(or boy)friend/housemate that usually cooks themselves an egg or two in the morning.

The steps are;

  1. Take the eggs out of your refrigerator.
  2. Boil them completely.
  3. Put them back in the refrigerator.
  4. Wait patiently until someone decides to fry an egg or make an omelette.
  5. Keep a metal tray or something of the like close to you to block airborne kitchen utensils headed towards you.

Note: Personal safety, whether physical or emotional is not guaranteed.

If you feel like being a prankster, or you want to outdo yourself from last year, I’ve only got one thing to say. “Prank hard, and prank safe.”

+ + + + +


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