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Since i got back from Japan it’s just been non-stop
Today i wondered to myself, “What is ‘normal’ in terms of daily achievement these days?”
What do other people do on a daily basis? Am i doing more? Less?
Does social media make me perceive we are all doing way more hence my endless race to… a finish line that is created in my mind? That doesn’t exist?

In efforts to strive for balance between work and life, i’ve started seeing more friends cos what’s the point of working all the time… Will blog about all the wonderful beings i’ve been connecting and learning from recently (but not tonight cos i’ve been on the go for over 13 hours, and trow is another long day so i need to sleep soon!!)

I ran 4km yesterday (in efforts to up my stamina lose my increasing tummyline) and was mighty proud of myself, till Jun casually told me he did a 12km run and i was like thanks for making me feel like i ran a footstep.
Haven’t been working out for WEEKS because of travel, work, bla bla all these excuses.
I can’t deny that invincibility is no longer on my side (darn you age and gravity!) so i NEED MUST HAVE TO MOVE.
Today i championly went for a powerplate class in the evening then a hoop class with Mishie of The Hula Hoop Institute 2 hours later.
3 workouts for me withint 48 hours?!
Never happens.
I’m such an extremist. My aching body reminds me so.
When i decide that i am into something, i go all out and then kaput (but hopefully i don’t kaput on this trend, i want to continue moving!)

I told Baby that i came home and stared expectantly in the mirror at my ass to find… no difference.
So disappointed.
Somehow hoped that it would instantly look like an instagram butt.

Health / body aside, i have been working on redecorating the apartment a little more.
Reason was because Jun’s parents came over for the first time for him to cook his mum a birthday dinner.
I thought it was a good ‘deadline’ for me, else nothing would move. I still have boxes to sort out from moving out of the office!!
In a rush to make the place look nicer, i finally got my gigantic paintings from Tanzania framed (will post those pix soon but here’s ONE i posted on IG) and did a trip to IKEA to get some frames for more art prints i put together over the past year shopping online and overseas. This ended with Jun and i putting dozens of prints into their frames till 3 in the bloody morning on a weekday, which HAD to be done then cos the handyman was booked to come the next day… Then the IKEA ppl came over to assemble some new drawers (so poor Jun doesn’t have only two measly shelves for his clothes haha) and the whole house was filled with cement dust from all the holes they drilled which resulted in me sweeping, vacuuming and mopping like a fiend the moment they were gone, all in between juggling emails and pujuking influencers (cos that seems to be our core business right now).

Last week i slept for a few hours on Monday night due to work, before getting up at 6am to catch a flight to Singers where Rengee and i had meetings all day. I went out at night for dinner with Nick (my bro) with friends joining us after. The next day i managed to sneak in a quick visit to the ArtScience museum in between a breakfast meeting and lunch.


Thanks to the museum staff who helped me take this shot cos i was alone <3




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