It’s The Ship 2015 Part 2

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*Written byย Andrew

I drink a lot a night before but surprisingly I manage to get up at 10am and get myself ready for a meeting at 12! Matt was telling me about some problems with the shop, so I’m ready to face it and solve it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Luckily the meeting was a quick one, because I didn’t take breakfast and I’m hungry. ( I can imagine Goddess nagging me : Andrew! That’s so unhealthy!) LOL.

Baby: Hey, let’s go for the restaurant!
Andrew: Which restaurant? U mean the buffet?
Baby: No! The fine dining one!
Andrew: Are u sure we can access that?
Baby: Yes! Why not!

YES! So far I never try that restaurant yet and I guess Theodore and Keiron sure totally forget about this restaurant ! ( They really forget, and they had the same buffet restaurant for whole trip! LOL)

Love their salad and is super big portion, I almost can’t finish my main because of the salad!

Me and baby decided to skip dessert. First, we are very full. Second, is working time! ( We’re here not just to party! We’re working too!)
As expected, the weather is super hot. After meeting up with person in charge Andrew at St. Tropez area, it’s time for us to throw another batch of floats to the pool!

Here comes the problem when you’re in the middle of the sea, communication! We don’t have any phone signal to gather the others guy. We did asked them to meet up with us at 1pm but we’re late to the meeting place so I have to look for them.

It's The Ship 2015-30

It's The Ship 2015-206 It's The Ship 2015-208 It's The Ship 2015-209 It's The Ship 2015-213 It's The Ship 2015-215

I used up 2 hours to gather everyone! ๐Ÿ™

Although we borrow the electronic float pump from organiser, but it seems like slower than blowing with our mouth. So we actually blow most of the float up by mouth! ( Matt is a champion here, he’s the fastest and strongest among all, he blow more than 5!)

It's The Ship 2015-59 It's The Ship 2015-25 It's The Ship 2015-26 It's The Ship 2015-27 It's The Ship 2015-28 It's The Ship 2015-29 It's The Ship 2015-31 It's The Ship 2015-57 It's The Ship 2015-58a It's The Ship 2015-154a It's The Ship 2015-212 It's The Ship 2015-214 It's The Ship 2015-216 It's The Ship 2015-221 It's The Ship 2015-211 It's The Ship 2015-226 It's The Ship 2015-227 It's The Ship 2015-229a It's The Ship 2015-231a It's The Ship 2015-234a It's The Ship 2015-260a It's The Ship 2015-278 It's The Ship 2015-280 It's The Ship 2015-399

Goddess is grumpy because she found out she’s not in the group shot again! HAHAHA!

It's The Ship 2015-406It's The Ship 2015-17It's The Ship 2015-18


After chilling at the main pool deck for hours, we decided to take lots of nice and fun pictures at upper deck! And this is my favourite moment during the whole trip!

It's The Ship 2015-159aIt's The Ship 2015-238aIt's The Ship 2015-247It's The Ship 2015-270It's The Ship 2015-271It's The Ship 2015-405a

+ + + +

Man in the suit just like girl in bikinis! Matt said that. I’m actually very nervous about GALA dinner because I don’t have a suit in my wardrobe and I borrow it last minute from a friend. Luckily it turn out good. ๐Ÿ˜€


It's The Ship 2015-250a

Baby: Andrew! Remember this moment! Goddess help u fix your bow tie!

Yes, of course I will! HAHA. We late for our GALA dinner, guess what? There’s still a long queue in front of restaurant.

It's The Ship 2015-254It's The Ship 2015-273aIt's The Ship 2015-404It's The Ship 2015-268

Oh yeah! Have to mention this, Keiron had 5 plates of escargot. (No wonder you so fat!LOL)

It's The Ship 2015-173a

After dinner, I chill in the room while the others went out for party.
Did you say Tigerlily going to spin it again tonight? OMG, yes, but let me chill first. ._.
I did went out to distribute some hula hoop to the crowd during my chill and the girls love it!

It's The Ship 2015-402It's The Ship 2015-34

Before Tigerlily time, working time!
All of the boys go to set up the Remote LED light at the after party room. The light is waterproof and each unit comes with a remote control!

It's The Ship 2015-33It's The Ship 2015-41

Let me show you the comparison between day and night. ( Location: Hot Tub Time Machine)

It's The Ship 2015-210It's The Ship 2015-37

Me and my boys preparing to give out feather boas.

It's The Ship 2015-36It's The Ship 2015-35It's The Ship 2015-38It's The Ship 2015-39It's The Ship 2015-182aIt's The Ship 2015-183It's The Ship 2015-184aIt's The Ship 2015-187aIt's The Ship 2015-363aIt's The Ship 2015-366aIt's The Ship 2015-410aIt's The Ship 2015-411It's The Ship 2015-413It's The Ship 2015-255aIt's The Ship 2015-259

It's The Ship 2015-388a

Today is last day, when Anthony wakes me up, the ship already reach Singapore. O.O
Anthony told me that they didn’t sleep at all since last night party. GOSH, how did you guys manage to stay awake? I was too tired, I didn’t party much the night before and I head back to my room at 2.

It's The Ship 2015-210It's The Ship 2015-266It's The Ship 2015-396

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