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Did you know that the population of the world’s bees are rapidly shrinking? Without the existence of bees, the cycle of our ecosystem would be disrupted and it will largely impact our society. Bees are actually assets as they play an important role in our economy and ecosystem, by acting as pollinators for both crops in farms and food to feed livestock.

STRIP: Ministry of Waxing is currently running an awareness campaign called #StripSavesBees which centers on the importance of bees to our ecosystem. The #StripSavesBees Campaign aims to bring light to the the plight of bees and inspire public action towards preserving the population and ensuring the survival of these misunderstood creatures. Through #StripSavesBees, STRIP plans to invoke a change in society by educating how bees are pollinators and not pests. You can start by planting bee-friendly plants in your gardens by using low toxic pesticides that do not contain Neonicotinoid to welcome them to your home!
To further support the initiative, STRIP introduces the Queen Bee Wax, which is great for waxing larger areas of the body and is especially beneficial because it:

? Shrink-wraps around the hair as it cools down making hair removal quick & minimizes skin drag, resulting in a more comfortable treatment process.
? Is a skin-conditioning agent with moisturizing properties.
? Contains titanium dioxide to care for sensitive skin.

Getting a wax with STRIP helps to create a sustainable income for the bee farmers because their Queen Bee Wax is made from natural bee farms in Australia.
You can do your part in supporting the#StripSavesBees campaign by getting a Queen Bee Half Leg Bottom or Half Arm Wax at RM28 (females) and RM38 (males) available till 31st August 2016.

STRIP has also curated a special range of bee merchandise during this period >
– With a minimum spend of RM1,000, customers will receive a complimentary Queen Bee Tote Bag
– With a minimum spend of RM500, customers will receive a complimentary 50ML jar of honey sourced from a bee farm in Penang

LIKE their Facebook page for more updates: www.facebook.com/stripmalaysia
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STRIP carefully curated a #StripSavesBees kit which included honey soap bars, beeswax candles, honey lollipops, Strip vouchers, bee hair clips, and #StripSavesBees tote bags:


KinkyBlueFairy was engaged to spread the buzz of #StripSavesBees by sending this specially-curated kit to some of KL’s vibrant personalities >


Pics from Hanie Hidayah; and Thanuja Ananthan


Pics from Amber Chia; and Ain Edruce


Pic credit: Chelsia Ng; Anuja Ananthan


Pic credit: Kayda; Natalie


LIKE their Facebook page for more updates: www.facebook.com/stripmalaysia
And check out the @stripmalaysia Instagram for more images you can repost!

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