Scholl Me Your Happy Feet!

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When i think of Scholl, i think of those party feet pads (these gel cushion insoles that can be placed in beautiful but uncomfortable heels). I even have extra packs in my toiletry cupboard cos i never know when i’d need some to save me!

Adding to their repertoire of professional foot care, is the new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.

It’s a fancy name for a fancy foot gadget!
I had no clue what i was getting when the peeps at Scholl said they were sending one our way.


Trotting about all day errday takes its toll on the skin under our feet, for which even the best gel cushions can’t save.
Knowing full well that wearing heels and tight shoes daily can cause the skin beneath your feet to harden, Scholl has come up with a simple device that i’m relieved someone has thought of inventing!

It’s so easy to neglect one’s feet cos it’s the furthest body part away from my line of sight and hey, out of sight, out of mind.
Regardless, there comes a point when i get conscious of the dry skin on my feet, especially when wearing sexy shoes in a brightly-lit event, or playing footsie in bed with a lover.  🙄

Vanity reasons aside, hard and rough skin can cause peeling and painful discomfort too.

This blue device you see above is their new Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi – an electronic foot file that is designed for ease of use to achieve beautiful and velvety smooth feet effortlessly and instantly.

I was a little skeptical at first on how this could help my dry heels miraculously smooth… but two of us in the office tried it and it works!

The battery-operated device uses four AA batteries (included in the starter pack, yay!) and its ergonomic design is covered in silicone-rubber making it easy to grip and wash after use.
The magic, however, lies in the roller head.
The roller has micro-granulated particles, like sandpaper, that works to gently exfoliate the outer layer of hard skin, giving you smooth new skin below.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

When the silver band is rotated to switch on the roller-head, it automatically spins the roller head.
Think using a fine pumice stone without having to physically rub it vigorously yourself.
Just let the battery-operated device do all the work to buff away all that dry skin!

The roller head is remarkably gentle on the feet and quite fun to use, i feel like i’m giving my tootsies a therapeutic massage.
It is easily removable to wash, and can be replaced (you can buy it separately at pharmacies) when worn out (tho i reckon that would take ages).

I would advise you to use this Express Pedi device in a bathroom because your dead skin will come off like fine dust. I made the mistake of using it on a dark brown floor mat – and it looked like a huge, hairy Yeti came and shook his dandruff all over it. -_-


Those days of dashing for a pedicure just because i can’t stand the feel of my feet, are over.
No more begging for last-minute nail appointments, nor resorting to frantically rubbing rough pumice stones on my heels.

I can just roll my feet smooth in the comfort of my own home (but never again on those dark-coloured mats).
The roller head’s micro-granules are so fine, it is literally painless to use;
and the final effect really does feel velvet smooth, minus the furriness of velvet.

Make rough feet a thing of the past as this smooth-operator retails for only RM135.20 at most major pharmacies.
You can purchase it from Soukai with an additional 5% discount using the code SCHSOU until the 31st Oct 2015. Alternatively, check out for more tips to achieve beautiful feet at home!

Keep those feetsies happy and keep on rolling!

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

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