You are the ruler of your own heart

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Besides my barrage of events, meetings, shoots and such,
i have been spending time with a string of friends who have all just broken up.

My role when i am with each of them individually is to just listen,
and absorb and release some of their sadness.
Sometimes i just hold them and cry when they cry too
and imagine their pain flowing into me, and out of me back into the earth.

I wish all of them would know this:

I know it’s tough.
I know it sucks and it hurts.
The pain is physical and leaks out of you uncontrollably.
Your chest actually hurts, you can’t stop crying or thinking about them.
I know my darling… i know. I’ve been there.

But you must be strong to take hold of your most precious possession, your heart.

You are so amazing and beautiful!
Why would you let someone treat you like that?
You deserve someone who loves you back as fiercely as you love them.

If they loved you, they would respect
your time you push aside to be with them,
the things that you buy with your money and share with them,
the attention and love you give them, and reciprocate.

I want the best for you.
I want you to feel love so true and peaceful that you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.
I want you to be with someone that makes you laugh, not cry!

Why are you letting them make you cry?
Don’t give them that power.

You can say that you’re in love, you can’t help it.
Yes, you can’t help how much love you have for someone.
But you can CHOOSE to release that person from your life so that they don’t bring you any more pain.

Who makes the choices for
where you physically are, whether you text them, whether you are stuck in a situation you wish you weren’t in with them?
You. It’s you who chooses these actions.

You can choose to not partake in a relationship that does not serve your happiness.

I really want to see you happy. You and you and you and you.
And it will happen, i know it will.
I envision each of you in my head, and i know that you will get yourself out of this mess,
and life is gonna be better, and you’re gonna be so happy.

I believe in you!

Someone told me today: When you crack open your heart out of pain, it’s giving it allowance for growth, and more love in.

This is what’s happening now… it’s normal. It’s a part of life.
Isn’t it wonderful that you know you can feel so much pain because of love?
Think of the positive side of it – you know it’s possible to love someone so much that it hurts you like this.

And now get this, after this experience, you’re going to be able to feel an even more stupendous love in the future. I guarantee you it.

But for now, i need you to get out of your mess.
Nobody can do it except yourself.
The rest of us here can be around to listen and give you the best advice we know of.
At the end of the day, nobody can make that change in life to lift yourself higher, except you.

Yes, it’s hard.
But you have to draw the line at some point.
How much more do you want to cry? How much more are you willing to take?

How much respect do you have for yourself?

I wish you could see the person i see when i look at you.
You are so talented, beautiful, filled with love, sweet, creative…

I know you’re gonna be great. I know you’re gonna be better than great.

I love you.


5 Responses to You are the ruler of your own heart

  1. Ameline says:

    I’ve been a follower of your blog for so long and this post is what I needed to read right now.
    Thank you for writing this! 🙂

  2. Syaf says:

    A wonderful post! Always a delight to read such post! You should publish a book of advice! 😉

  3. Faridah says:


  4. Norf says:

    Thank you so much for this, Joyce.

  5. Ipohgal says:

    All the years I’ve been following ur blog, this is one of the sweetest n loveliest post. And I’m glad u found love that make u feel like u r floating in a blue sky now.

    I wish u happiness Joyce.

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