KLM Brings Miffy Special Flight to Jakarta

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*Written by April*

Baby: April, we have (meetings/events/etc) to attend this week..
Me: Ok.
Baby: Eh no you’re going to Jakarta.
Me: Where???
Baby: Indonesia la!

Mornings with the #KinkyBlueFairyTeam are always filled with surprises. One day its a 50 pieces of blondies and on others… it’s a special flight with Miffy, a cute little rabbit who’s been traveling from Netherlands to several European countries and made her way to parts of Asia!

Miffy was created by Dick Bruna, who used to tell his son stories about a little rabbit who would wander around the gardens while they were on holiday at a quaint Dutch village. She is also known as Nijntje, which derived from ‘konijntje’ – meaning “little rabbit” in Dutch. Dearest Miffy celebrated her 60th anniversary this year!

KLM Brings Miffy-2

Jakarta was the last leg of Miffy’s tour around South East Asia before returning to Europe.

KLM Brings Miffy-4

KLM really made sure we were comfortable throughout this journey. We arrived early for check in and were taken to the Plaza Premium Lounge to relax and mingle before our flight.

KLM Brings Miffy-7

KLM Brings Miffy-24

KLM Brings Miffy-36

KLM Brings Miffy-13

KLM Brings Miffy-17

KLM Brings Miffy-20

The friendly staff at the lounge made sure our alcoholic needs were met lol. Super charming guys!

KLM Brings Miffy-31

KLM Brings Miffy-40

This is Aude-Lise, the Air FranceKLM General Manager for Malaysia-Brunei and also our host for the special flight.

KLM Brings Miffy-45

Superstar Miffy surprised her fans and made an appearance right before boarding. The crowd went crazy!!

KLM Brings Miffy-51 KLM Brings Miffy-53

KLM Brings Miffy-54

KLM Brings Miffy-55

KLM Brings Miffy-57

KLM Brings Miffy-61

The KLM air crew for the flight were affable and ever-ready to make sure you have the best flight ever. They took us through the Boeing 777-200 that we were to be on en route Jakarta. The aircraft was equipped with a fully renovated cabin, including newly designed Economy Class seats.

KLM Brings Miffy-65

KLM Brings Miffy-76

We were seated in Economy Class and the seats were super comfortable. These seats feature more leg room and neck support – totally important especially if you’re napping during the flight ok.
For someone who’s barely able to sleep during flights… I fell asleep instantly after departure.

KLM Brings Miffy-91

KLM Brings Miffy-95

Hello, Jakarta!
We arrived slightly after 6pm and got stuck in the infamous Jakarta traffic on the way to Novotel Dua Mangga, where we were to stay the night. We took about two hours to get to the hotel, thats not too bad right??

KLM Brings Miffy-97

KLM Brings Miffy-100

KLM Brings Miffy-98

KLM Brings Miffy-127

At dinner, we were given a choice to order from the menu or stuff ourselves shameless from the buffet spread. We decided on the buffet (the food looked too good to resist).

KLM Brings Miffy-129

The Head Chef came to introduce himself and of course, spoiled us with even MORE food from his kitchen.

KLM Brings Miffy-130

He brought out several Indonesian dishes which he thought represents the country’s multiculturalism best. These dishes were his take on popular street food and boy, it was good.
I had A LOT more than I should that night. I almost had to roll back to my hotel room.

KLM Brings Miffy-132

KLM Brings Miffy-134

KLM Brings Miffy-139

KLM Brings Miffy-144

Novotel had a car ready to whisk us off on a late night drive around town and to visit some of Jakarta’s most well known attractions. We wanted to make the best of the little time we had in this dynamic city. Also, traveling at night meant no fighting with big crowds and traffic hehe…

We managed to visit first, the National Monument (Monumen Nasional) or Monas, as the locals call it. The 132 m tower is located in the centre of Merdeka Square, Central Jakarta, and was built in commemoration of the country’s fight for independence.

KLM Brings Miffy-161

Then we made a stop at the Selamat Datang Monument, also known as Monumen Bunderan HI. This was really interesting because the monument was in the middle of a roundabout.. literally.

We were dropped off at the side of the road and ran through (fast) moving cars to get to the monument.
Quite an adventure. Apparently, this spot is a really popular dating spot for teens..
After that, we cruised around the city and made our way back to our lovely hotel. I thought of getting some work done before sleeping but crashed right when I climbed into bed. Did I mention how amazing the bed is?? It’s like sleeping on clouds ok.

KLM Brings Miffy-185

After breakfast the next day, we were given a tour around the hotel.

KLM Brings Miffy-189

KLM Brings Miffy-190

KLM Brings Miffy-193

KLM Brings Miffy-197

KLM Brings Miffy-199

KLM Brings Miffy-200

Novotel really makes sure their guests are fed well…

KLM Brings Miffy-207

KLM Brings Miffy-224

KLM Brings Miffy-228

This is one of the hotel’s most prized possession, the Bengawan Solo ballroom. This very space has become a notable venue and is said to already have held 6000 events!

KLM Brings Miffy-271

KLM Brings Miffy-281

This made me so happy! I absolutely love little notes like these and its handwritten!!

KLM Brings Miffy-309

After checking out, we visited Ancol Jakarta Bay City, a beachfront resort that offers a theme park, water-based rides, multiple hotels, a golf course, high-end housing estates, an art centre and more.

KLM Brings Miffy-312

KLM Brings Miffy-313

KLM Brings Miffy-337

The Dermaga Hati, Ancol’s version of Pont Des Art. Who needs to go to Paris? Pfft… [Joyce: LOL April!]

KLM Brings Miffy-341

KLM Brings Miffy-342

KLM Brings Miffy-357

Ancol is really, really big… You would need a car to travel around the vicinity itself – walking is definitely not an option. It was quite a drive before we reached the art market, Pasar Seni.

KLM Brings Miffy-362

KLM Brings Miffy-363

KLM Brings Miffy-364

Although quiet that day, I easily felt the art market’s vibrance.

KLM Brings Miffy-380

Then we were off to Fatahillah Square! It took quite awhile to get there so I managed to sneak in a little nap before we arrived.
The Jakarta History Museum stood bright, and the square filled to the brim with people. Fatahillah Square is located in Old Town (Kota Tua) Jakarta and was once the city centre when it was still known as Batavia during Indonesia’s Dutch colonisation period.

KLM Brings Miffy-382

At the left corner lies Cafe Batavia, a restored 200-year-old building turned into a restaurant. The restaurant was remodelled to resemble opulent olden day Europe. We were all in awe when we walked through the door.

KLM Brings Miffy-388

KLM Brings Miffy-397

KLM Brings Miffy-407

The interior embraced beautiful antiques and walls decorated with pictures of international celebrities – even in the toilets. I had Marilyn Monroe winking at me while I was in the loo.

KLM Brings Miffy-409

KLM Brings Miffy-410

KLM Brings Miffy-411

KLM Brings Miffy-412

Expats, tourists and Jakarta’s elite makes up most of the restaurant’s patrons.

KLM Brings Miffy-417

We had a hearty lunch (and a couple of drinks) before making our way to the airport for our KLM flight back to KL!

KLM Brings Miffy-421

KLM Brings Miffy-424

KLM Brings Miffy-427

KLM Brings Miffy-430

KLM Brings Miffy-432

KLM Brings Miffy-440

KLM Brings Miffy-445

KLM Brings Miffy-442

Oh and have I mentioned that this was my first time in Jakarta?
It was short but nonetheless sweet! (Hello Baby, next #TerribleTwoTravels destination? *wink wink*)
[Joyce: Why am i never included… 🙁 ]

Thanks for having KBF, KLM!!

+ + + + + + +

For more information about KLM:

Website: www.klm.com
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Novotel Jakarta Mangga Dua Square

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Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14420, Indonesia
+62 21 62312800

Website: www.accorhotels.com/novotel-jakarta-mangga-dua-square

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