FOMO-ed myself silly in Berlin…

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… till i ended up staying in on Saturday night from 10pm,
reading a book that found its way into my hands
and i was so enamoured by it,
i ended up reading till 2:30am and laughing in fits to myself.

Since i got here on Tuesday, i –
ran constantly to catch trains,
stayed in the most immaculate Airbnb in Mitte you could ever imagine,
had a chicken schnitzel dinner by myself coupled with a red wine,
chatted to a political journalist called Ronny at the restaurant for an hour,
met up with Kim + Vinoth + Emma + her bf to visit Spreepark,
ran around pharmacies treating a sudden allergy reaction i got on my legs,
attended the holyGhost and Marina Hoermanseder shows at Berlin Fashion Week,
went out partying at a club with a bunch of people till dawn,
had Shiso burger lunch, mint tea and H&M shopping with Pearly,
moved into another Airbnb that’s in an art gallery in Kreuzberg,
visited Berlin’s award-winningย Fun Factory store with Delio,
went for Marina H’s after-party with Pearly,
had kebab with this Australian i met there called Paul,
got really excited shopping at the Bio Market few doors from where i’m living,
and fitting as much work as i could in between.

I don’t know what i was thinking that i could work a little while exploring the States and Europe… i seem to be getting even LESS sleep than i was in KL! I need to return to Berlin. There’s still so much i haven’t seen and an unfamiliar vibe to me that’s alluring and energetic. It’s drawing me to return.

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