Review: CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit

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I was asked to post a review of this black head removal kit from CNP Laboratory – a brand i’ve never heard of before.

What made me feel optimistic about it was:
1) it’s from Korea, and i’m a big fan of Korea and anything Korean!! And Korean beauty products rock so hard i can’t even.
2) it contains NO synthetic fragrance and colourants, parabens, mineral oils, and artificial additives

I’m not sure if you remember the god awful pictures of my face i posted on my IG a year ago, where i broke out all over my face in hives because i now have sensitive skin. I have to be VERY CAREFUL about the products i put on my face, and even the facials i go for. I just broke out from a facial 3 weeks ago cos the products they used were too strong for me, even tho i had such confidence it wouldn’t be. So yes, i’m very wary of the products i put on my skin. The more natural the better. I feel that the Koreans are doing something right cos all the women there have such smooth, flawless, HEALTHY-looking skin!


The CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit is a 2-step black/white head removal product
that comes in a little box which holds 3 sets and a bunch of black cotton buds.

Mask #1 = Black head Clear Mask that gently removes black heads and sebum
Mask #2 = Pore tightening Mask to close pores so dirt doesn’t get back in

After cleansing my nose, i put the “Black head Clear Mask 1” on for 10 minutes


And took silly pictures. I asked whether posting the picture on the right was alright.
Baby said “no”; Sweet went “errr…”
But i’m gonna ignore them cos *i* think it’s funny.

After 10 mins, i removed Mask 1 and used the black cotton bud to press and roll on my nose from from outer to inner corners, and bottom to top.


I know it’s not the most appealing picture to post, but obviously the reason they provide black cotton buds is to see for yourself the black heads and sebum that comes out! I was FASCINATED with seeing how much crap i got out of my pores!

Couldn’t help showing Baby and Sweet Ee and we all went between exclamations of “Ewwww!” and “Oh my god it works!”

Then i put on Pore tightening Mask #2 for 10 minutes.


Take pictures while waiting.
The mask seems to have some sort of soothing gel that i didn’t need to wash off after.

And the results…


WOW. Look at the difference!!!
My nose is so CLEAN and SMOOTH and SHINY after!!
We were poring over the pictures, and being quite amazed.
I mean, i didn’t even have that much sebum to start with cos i recently had a facial, but there was still a diff!

(I didn’t edit any of the photos, and if the colour of the ‘After’ pic is slightly diff, it’s because the sun was setting and i took the pix facing the window.)

I’m slightly embarrassed to show you up close pics of my nose… and the two craters i have on it which are scars from the result of: having itchy fingers, pressing black heads out without using a proper kit or facial years ago, not closing the pores after, and THAT is what happens. SCARS. Please learn from my mistake and don’t do what i did!!!

That Mask #2 was efficient at shrinking my pores shut and making my nose super smooth.
And i think thanks to putting on two hydrating masks that come up to a total time of 20 mins, my nose felt really soft and moisturized after.

I even woke up the next morning and FELT my nose to see if it was still smooth – and it was!


I was given two boxes and Baby already kidnapped the other one after seeing my results.


CNP Laboratory Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit costs RM35 per box (with 3 sets), and 2 for RM50.

It can be purchased at Watsons outlets, view list of stores *HERE*

You can read more about it and even purchase online *HERE*

There are videos on CNP that i just watched *HERE* where i discovered 74,000 boxes have been sold in Korea.
I’m not surprised.

Kudos to the Koreans man.

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  1. Arun Poldern says:

    Everyone loves Korea and Korean things ? Indian and Filipino things? Yeah, we’re definitely seen as inferior and worthless…

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