Sotongs Raya trip @ Clearwater, Ipoh

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The six of us haven’t had a holiday together since January for Cammy’s birthday at Dusun. Now that Serena has popped and we can all travel (via land) together again, we headed to Clearwater in Batu Gajahย for 2 nights. Matt and Serena gave the rest of us a free night’s stay there for our Christmas present last year ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


My attempt to snack healthy on the way there. Wrapping tomatoes and cucumber in basil leaves wasn’t a bad idea! Of course this whole ‘eating healthy’ plan got shot to hell once the holiday started :p

My denim shorts are from Levi’s latest collection, I keep on wearing them cos they’re so soft and comfy!


Our room was really nice for RM200/night! (with air con and hot water)

Clearwater is a golf resort that celebrated its heyday back in the day… and it’s got beautiful surroundings by a lake so you can fish and play golf. You just can’t expect much from the service there cos it’s extremely basic.

clearwater-ipoh-3 clearwater-ipoh-4

You can see what i mean by beautiful surroundings, but furniture in the restaurant is kinda old.


I ordered the lamb which cost RM20, and was surprised by how it looked and tasted for that price!


Cammy, Menchi and Cameron.
I brought a ball out from my room for Cameron but he was more interested in a stick. Which is GOOD.
Check out all the stuff Cammy is carrying for him. Babies need so much STUFF when they travel!

clearwater-ipoh-7 clearwater-ipoh-8

Baby Chloe looking utter cuteness here. With a beer in the background. Grand.



Cameron getting a free ride





The food in Batu Gajah is so cheap we had to maintain our expressions when we paid.
Some dishes were like RM1.50. Seriously.


Last pic of the night we don’t remember taking

clearwater-ipoh-15 clearwater-ipoh-16 clearwater-ipoh-17

Walking to the pool with children is like making a journey.
Cameron kept on chucking his hat onto the ground, and his shoe kept coming off.


I never used to like pink, and suddenly it’s been my FAVOURITE COLOUR (ok that’s not true, my favourite colour is rainbow), my preferred colour then. Hmm but then again sometimes i’m feeling purple, or red.


Serena, Chloe, Cammy


Am i the only one who found this funny?



These two just never stop fighting.


Cammy: I love life! Wheeeee!!!!
Matt: Hmm, i wonder what fish i can catch today. Or maybe, if i do this, or take the canoe there, maybe i’ll get a BIG one.


Cameron and i aren’t firm friends yet. We got along SO WELL when he was a baby, and now, he likes to play with my toys but not necessarily with ME.


This was the best pic we could get of Cameron and Chloe next to each other.
I was forced to take pictures while the two moms were like:
“Cameron! Come take a picture with your girlfriend!”
“Sit! No! Come here!”

There was so much struggling and forcing i swear it was almost child abuse.
We gave up after a dozen terrible pictures.

clearwater-ipoh-26 clearwater-ipoh-27 clearwater-ipoh-28 clearwater-ipoh-29


Seriously. Not even my baby and so many pictures of Chloe. -_-

clearwater-ipoh-31 clearwater-ipoh-32 clearwater-ipoh-33

My bloody Chinese eyes look like they’ve been carved out!


These two at it again.


I saw Clem push Cammy… and nonchalantly walk away.

clearwater-ipoh-36 clearwater-ipoh-37

Crazy mothers. I swear i’ve never seen them so CRAZY.
This is what happens when you let mothers loose.
One wasn’t even drinking!
I have a video but they’ll shoot me if i put it up in public XD

clearwater-ipoh-38 clearwater-ipoh-39

Stopping crazy mother from throwing balls into lake




I hurriedly put him back into my bag after taking this pic.
Wouldn’t want him hit into a lake forever, do we.
As it is i already lost Maurice.
I still think of him sometimes, hoping he’s having a great time somewhere…
Oh Maurice i MISS YOU!

clearwater-ipoh-42 clearwater-ipoh-43

Cammy’s mouth hanging open as Clem teaches her some tips.
He’s really good! We kept saying he should take golf up seriously.


They said i don’t look like a golfer at all.
Well obviously not!
Maybe a pretend golfer on photoshoot.

clearwater-ipoh-45 clearwater-ipoh-46 clearwater-ipoh-47

Playing with my restaurant bell! I made Chelle get it for me from her restaurant supplier.


Forcing the child to wear my giant hat

clearwater-ipoh-49 clearwater-ipoh-50

Let’s just say the balls DID NOT stay in the hoop area for long.
He started THROWING ALL THE BALLS everywhere and they were under all the furniture.
It was the second time we had to collect them cos… in the afternoon; Cammy, Clem and i had an impulsive ball fight and started randomly pelting each other with them. It was so fun! Cammy and me against Clem of course.


Oh my god, Matt was such a fishing pain by forcing his way into our balcony with a bucket of horse shit (i SHIT you noT) that he rolled with his bare hands to put on the end of the line to attract the fish. I never knew it was even such a thing.

When he knocked on the door and someone joked that he brought his horse shit, i opened it while on the safety latch and yelled that he was not to bring it in. Then i could hear him say, “Bah, no, come on Joyce…” and i felt bad for locking him out so i let him in and… he WALKED through our bedroom with the stench leaving a trail.

Clem totally supervised Matt to ensure he didn’t touch ANYTHING in our room all the way to the point of him washing his hands. To get back at him, Cammy and i kept on nudging his fishing rods to ring the bell all night and watching his excited expression and laughing to ourselves.

The most tragic thing (for Matt anyway) was that he was so intent of catching a giant fish the whole trip… his line actually caught one when they were OUT for breakfast on the last morning there. Nancy and Menchi were the only ones around, and Nancy struggled with the fish for 20 minutes with guests in the next door chalet excitedly shouting instructions from their balcony. So Matt got home just in time to see a big giant fish in the hands of his newly-hired help. There’s a great picture of them with the fish before they released it. Matt said he got sick with jealousy XD


Skateboarding while drunk is never a good idea.


Ladies in the house.

clearwater-ipoh-54 clearwater-ipoh-55 clearwater-ipoh-56 clearwater-ipoh-57

These two… at it again.

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