Hong Kong: Market at Causeway Bay + Lan Kwai Fong

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We stayed in South Pacific Hotel which was near the Causeway Bay MTR station in Central HK.
Also just around the corner from the hotel entrance,
was a market that was open from morning till night.

I love walking in markets when i travel.
And supermarkets as well.

You get to see so many things!
The type of food they produce and consume,
the designs on the packaging,
and gauge what their lifestyle is like based on the prices.
(my fave supermarket i’ve been to so far was in Spain,
the packaging designs are colourful and cartoon-ey
and i took loads of pictures but never posted them hoho)

market Hong Kong

market Hong Kong

Just looking at all the fresh slabs of meat and flopping fish made me wonder in greed how i would cook and eat them all!
I almost wished we were staying in a service apartment with a kitchen so i could buy some stuff to cook.
This thought made me question how far i’ve brought my interest in cooking… to the point i want to cook when i’m on holiday -_-

market Hong Kong

Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… just keep swimming swimming swimming…
Ok sadistic i know.

market Hong Kong

market Hong Kong

Always love admiring fresh produce – the colours, textures and scents!

market Hong Kong

market Hong Kong

And in any Chinese city, you’ll definitely find some animal parts that are gory to look at when raw
(i had to add in ‘when raw’ cos i unabashedly eat them when cooked in stew!)

Chicken feet…

market Hong Kong

And pigs’ trottersย  0_o

market Hong Kong

We went to Lan Kwai Fong,
a square in Central HK chock full with bars and restaurants.

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

A couple of people on Twitter said that we MUST go to Yung Kee and try their roasted goose.
Being the foodie and not wanting to miss out on it,
i dragged Clem, determined on finding the restaurant that reputedly received 1 Michelin star a few years back.

Hong Kong Yung Kee

Their restaurant was so full, we took a number for a table that would be available in an hour.
So we went to kill time… by having drinks at one of the bars nearbyย   :xlaughing:

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

They didn’t have Guinness on tap, but the one in the can that releases the gas instead.
I tried it.
It’s not that great.
Only Guinness on tap for me next time!

Went back to Yung Kee and we ordered half a goose,
a bowl of porridge with spare parts (for sick me)
and a fried rice with BBQ pork (for Clem).

Hong Kong Yung Kee

The porridge texture was smooth but it could be less watery.
Liver and other spare parts in there were luscious.

Unfortunately, they somehow forgot Clem’s fried rice and it came an hour later,
when we had whacked most of the goose by then.

Hong Kong Yung Kee

Goose was juicy with thin crispy skin.
The dish lost its lustre (when we were down to the last 4 pieces) when we found an insect embedded in it.

We stared and stared at it for a good few minutes wondering whether it was an insect.
“It IS. LOOK. A leg just fell off. That’s a leg! Herbs don’t have legs!”

Flagged down a waiter to show him the piece of meat with the insect,
and he took it away mumbling something about asking the kitchen.

He never came back.

“They’re not going to say anything? What kind of restaurant is this? And now we lost our evidence too! -_-“

We later found out they removed the goose dish from our bill,
which is what they’re supposed to do when they find an insect in it,
but i was still disgruntled noone came back to apologise.

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

Walked around Lan Kwai Fong after dinner to get a drink before going home.
We were both feeling poorly so wasn’t in the mood to drink gilababs and party :p

I commented that LKF is like Bangsar in the 90s…
Clem said he thought it’s like Phuket cos of all the noisy bars filled with mostly white people. Except that they were wearing warm clothing.

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

When we were leaving, we saw a couple dozen drunk people dancing in the street spontaneously.
“It’s like a street party haha.”

After a minute, someone started choreographing some dance moves which the rest followed,
and before i knew it,
i was watching an impromptu music video scene with rows of people dancing in the same sequence.

Hong Kong Lan Kwai Fong

People were stopping to stare and snap pictures,
but i’m pretty sure they were loving the attentionย   :xhappy:

After smiling at their antics,
we caught the train home,
popped some Panadols for our flu,
and tumbled into bed.

Friday night partying in HK was so not meant to be for us!

10 Responses to Hong Kong: Market at Causeway Bay + Lan Kwai Fong

  1. zzzmadison says:

    i love all your market pictures! you made something that disgusts me look interesting haha

  2. sim says:

    I was there 2 weeks ago. My opinion is LKF are not as happening as Bangsar or Mont Kiara.. I was quite disappointing.

    about the goose from yung kee, dont every think they will say anything, even to the extend of apologizing. To me, hongkie are lack of manners to a certain extend..

    anhyhow, i do miss HK thou

  3. LiYing says:

    hey Joyce! are you still in HK? it’s the best city ever – absolutely love it. if you love the markets, check out mong kok too. causeway bay has loads to thrift too.

  4. Wendy says:

    Hi Joyce! Nice meeting you in HK! All we did was shop after HK Disney. Haha! Hubby wanted to dine at Yun Kee but I don’t really like goose so I refused. :p

  5. Didi says:

    Hi there!
    Yung Kee serves great goose! Sorry to hear that you found an insect embedded on it. But Hongers aren’t the most polite people around, and that’s why they didn’t apologize. Maybe it was a pride thing? Just kidding!!


  6. MsLye says:

    Aww how long were you in HK for, Joyce? Nat would have loved to take you and Clem out for dinner or drinks.

  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    zzzmadison: that IS indeed a compliment! ๐Ÿ˜€

    sim: that’s what someone told me too… that they don’t have the manners to say anything 0_o I assumed LKF would be a bit more classy but it’s so not :p

    liying: i went to mongkok but didn’t find any good finds?! must ask you next time!

    wendy: nice to have met you too! the food in there was pretty good, save for the additional insect ๐Ÿ˜‰

    didi: no doubt the goose WAS GOOD! just very unlucky to have some extra tidbit added to it!

    mslye: aiyo damn, i didn’t think of contacting you in HK! we were there thurs-sun! Wish i thought of it! Will definitely do next time!!

  8. Leonny says:

    Hi Joyce!

    Great meeting you and Clem in HK! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I love those streets of HK near where we stayed! So happening ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the street food too!

    Stay in touch yeah!

  9. Been Lurking for a bit, nice job here!

  10. […] month, Clem and i went to Hong Kong for 4D3N! Besides visiting areas like Causeway Bay and Lan Kwai Fong, we also attended the Flaming Lips concert and… […]

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