Back in KL

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I managed to bring 50 kg of clothes, toys, books, rocks and other things back home with me.
Without paying any extra too!

… by cheating a bit obviously.

First was when DikHaHaHau brought back 10 kg of my clothes and books in June.
(His relatives actually asked him to make sure i wasn’t the type of girl who packed drugs into her luggage  :xwhatevah: )
And the rest of my stuff i brought back this week.

At the airport, I checked in a 30kg bag (managed to accumulate so much stuff argh)
while Aunt G stood elsewhere with another 10 kg wheelie i was going to carry on.
Nicked an extra carry-on tag,
latched it to the second bag and brought it on board with me.


Flight from Heathrow missed its take-off slot,
so we were delayed by 2 HOURS while waiting to leave!
Everyone on the flight subsequently missed their connecting flights,
and i met some people on their way to Melbourne and South Africa as well as KL.

Somewhere halfway between London and Doha,
i heard the passenger behind me sing “Let It Be” aloud on the plane with the fellow passenger next to him joining in.
My! What a happy person he must be!
The song brought me back good memories of Isle of Wight.
Grabbing my pen, i wrote him a note on the back of the paper that comes under your meal:
“Heard you singing “Let It Be”! Never heard anyone sing aloud on the plane before, let alone that song!
And for that, you deserve a big smiley face.”

Then drew a massive smiley face below it
before waving the note at him thru the cramp space next to my window.
He must have been thinking ‘wtf’ before reading it.
Heard his companion and him laugh from the back.
(This mini-story ends with the guy behind me adding me on Facebook.)

That was the only happy thing during the flight,
rest of it was spent plotting how to shut this child up.

He was about 7 and i reckon that if he can have a proper conversation with his mother,
he can jolly well shut his trap instead of crying and whining every time he felt like it.
I even thought of the most harmless thing i could do to him without getting arrested,
and wondered i won’t get arrested if i throw a glass of water on him right? People can throw water on noisy cats, and he’s definitely noisy and worse than a cat, and it’d probably shock him into silence cos his bloody mother is not doing anything about it!

No. I didn’t do it in the end.
Cos at the point i had already stood up and shushed him,
and was almost pressing for the stewardess to request a glass of water,
he decided to shut up.

Because i had to wait for the next flight to KL the next morning,
I got thrown into a hotel in Doha for the night.
Some of the buildings in Doha are magnificent,
tho not as so in Dubai, i’m sure.
My favourite was a rectangular building which was made with a twist, literally.
The diamond-shaped reflective windows twisted clockwise,
as if a giant, being the maker of the building, decided to twist his fingers as he reached the very top.
“And we think the Gherkin is so spectacular…” one of the other passengers said, mouth agape, as our shuttle bus made its way to the airport in the dusty heat.

Made friends with a design graduate from LKW London who sat next to me on the Doha-KL flight.
He wore really nice shoes and told me bout his girlfriend and him going to Bali next week,

Clem picked me up from the airport,
and i’ll just censor the part from when i saw him to when i tried to unpack the next day.

When i took my 2 bags home,
i stepped into my room with trepidation…
half-knowing i wouldn’t be able to unpack due to lack of cupboard space!
Told Clem about it and we discussed proper about moving into a 3-bedroom place next year.
As long as i get 2 rooms for my clothes and toys, i’m down with it.   :xsilly:

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  1. Nadhrah says:

    Hey Joyce! I actually saw you at the luggage conveyor belt thingy @ KLIA, but spent a lil to much time contemplating on whether to say Hi to you or not, coz you looked a bit stressed out.

    No offense whatsoever. I was, too, coz of the luggage taking so long to come out.

    But when I did want to say Hi you’re already sliding away w your trolley. LOL.

    Sorry this comment is kinda long. -______-”

    PS: You’re SO tiny! 🙂

  2. hills fan says:

    A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.

    Sent via Blackberry

  3. Geraldine-youe aunt says:

    Hummm…had to go to the blog to find out whether you are safely home!Seems like you have forgotten London by now! That bag definitely,most definitely did not weigh 30 kg. More like 50 kg by itself!It is not an exaggeration. And the whellie bag passed of as hand lugguage is at leat 20 kg!Even the house in Reigate and in Valencia will not fit in all your things. Uncle Mark and I and my credit cards are recovering from this whirlwind 7 1/2 weeks. The UK release its economic data today…with a huge upsurge in retail sales.

  4. Rachy says:

    can you send me a Bali email? pretty pleaseeeee

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