2 Things i Heart = 1 event to look forward to!

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In our bathroom lie a whole variety of his and hers products.
Moisturizer, shampoo, shavers, toothbrushes, and whatnot.

One thing that i insisted on buying on and placing there from when i started staying over more,
was specific body wash and body lotion for myself.

Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotion KL

Yes, he has body wash, but i found it too harsh for me (maybe it’s just in my head)
and always went, “Gah!” when i used it.

So weeks ago, i went out and bought what i was using on all my holidays (it’s also my travel body wash)
so i’d smell different and more feminine of sorts.
I don’t want to smell the same as my man!

Not very romantic, so i think.

I also have bottles of Johnson’s Body Care body lotion everywhere…
i’d have one on my office desk (when i was still working full time),
in my travel bags,
in my handbags,
next to my bed…

I figure i can blame this obsession with Johnson’s Body Care on my mum,
as she was using it on me when i was a baby,
and i’ve never stopped liking it ever since!

It’s moisturizing,
makes me supersoft,
affordable (so i can throw one everywhere!)
and the scent isn’t too overwhelming for me.


Plus… they just launched a new range of Johnson’s Body Care body lotion specially designed for women:
one with 24-hour lasting moisture,
another with aromatherapy to melt away stress,
and another with Daily UV protection.

Now i feel like quickly finishing all my current ones
so i can try the new ones -_-

Johnson &  Johnson Body Care Lotion KL

Next month, Johnson’s Body Care will be teaming up with Malaysian fashion designers PU3 and Carven Ong,
to put on a fashion show in tribute to softness.

Johnson’s Body Care… and fashion?
That’s a first!

I have a pair of nude ruched leggings from PU3 which i love,
and can’t wait to see how they translate their sketches below to the runway!

Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotion KL

Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotion KL

As for Carven Ong, he’s such a veteran in the Malaysian fashion industry
having first showed at MODA in 1991,
and continuously showing on ASEAN runways thereafter.

Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotion KL

Johnson & Johnson Body Care Lotion KL
Besides the fashion show,
there’ll be very exclusive prizes to be won (i’m hoping it’s something we can take home and wear!)
and Johnson’s Body Care products specially designed for women to be given away.

Just click on to the Facebook page : www.facebook.com/JBC
and ‘Like’ for regular updates on what’s going on and what’s to come!

As for me,
i’m just gonna wait and see what the whole event’s gonna be like on
Friday 14th May @ Suria KLCC.

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  1. Jo says:

    Hi, I have been using johnson baby lotion for years too. like it a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

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