I’m ready to rocket like rock and roll! You are the flower in glittering gold!

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A few new things i got this week
*shuts out cries of YOU HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF*

baci boutique shopping stuff!

Full sequined jacket

baci boutique shopping stuff!

baci boutique shopping stuff!

Silk purple top

baci boutique shopping stuff!

Chain fringe necklace + silver studded bowtie!

baci boutique shopping stuff!

And a canary necklace Justin got me from HK   :xheart2:

courtesy of justin yap :)

+ + + + +

I went to change some RM and SGD to Euros for Spain,
and have to say, i *used* to be good at math,
but now i really suck.

Thank the fairies for my Blackberry   :xlaughing:
I just surf for the currency converter and let it do the calculating for me,
while waiting for the dude to calculate it on his side
(just so i don’t get conned!)

Since i got my Blackberry, i’ve been using Xpax’s RM2.50 a day plan,
where i get unlimited access to all i need to do using my Blackberry.

Now, it just got better for me cos of a new promo they’re having  :xlaughing:
By subscribing to the BlackBerry® Advance (2.5G) for RM 2.50 per day plan,
i get free subscriptions on the weekends, after 5 consecutive weekdays of using the plan!

So that means for a week, i only pay RM12.50 for unlimited data use, including push email.
Which also equals to RM50 for 4 weeks.

Quite value kan?   :xlaughing:

For more, check out channelx.com.my

+ + +  the above was an adv for Channel X  + + +

[post title courtesy of Royksopp]


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