My Biological Clock Lied To Me

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I had a brill nap by the pool,
and watched some really cute kids playing there.

I admit,
my biological clock suddenly decided to exist.
And my Cluckiness kicked in for a good 5 minutes,
before i went upstairs to cook myself noodles.

Fast forward two hours later,
i’m in the apartment with QueenKanch, and her friend Steph + 4yo daughter Dahlia.
Dahlia loved how kid-friendly i made the place.
Lion King was playing on TV, toys and colourful cloths were everywhere.


Fast forward 30 minutes later.
Dahlia has strewn all my sparkles all over the apartment while shouting “Hooray!”,
erased the message i wrote for Kanch on my Doodle Pad,
asked me to get out of the way to watch Lion King,
and mixed all my furry pom poms + toys together in some crazed concoction and spread them around on the floor and table.


I remembered my previous thought of having a child,
and went, “Maybe NOT.”

There’s space for only one kid in this apartment.
And that’s me.



6 Responses to My Biological Clock Lied To Me

  1. lisha says:

    omg. that’s my cousin’s daughter!! small world. she can be quite ‘persuasive’, can’t she? haha

  2. Erica says:

    Hey Joyce..
    I am going to Bangkok for the first time soon..& I’ve been trying to search for places online to shop there and look for good stuff at bargain prices..I’m staying in Sukhumwit area. Do you have any suggestions? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    lisha: wah small world! yeah because she’s so cute she gets her way with every thing. almost everything. haha

    erica: easier yet, just read this breakdown on where to shop ๐Ÿ™‚

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