Jakarta: Day 1 + 2 – Blackout Gang, Grand Indonesia, Casa, Potato Head, Iconia

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Many pictures to come in a bit.
I’m gonna go lie down for a while cos i had very little sleep last night (thanks to Rahul and Hans. Let’s just say i woke up this morning with chewing gum on my face. Highly unattractive.)
and am SO SLEEPY even tho it’s not 10pm yet!

+ + +

Will be blogging about our Jakarta trip in chronological order so i don’t confuse myself!

It was my first time traveling with ClaudiaOnCrack or MaintainMing,
and i felt like we were a dysfunctional family (Daddy = Ming, Mummy = Me, Kid = Claudia, obviously -_-) who also paraded as a traveling zoo,
cos so many people were staring at us constantly from the moment we reached the airport,
to all around Jakarta,
to returning back home.


From the beginning, i felt like i was Claudia’s legal guardian or something,
cos her mum willingly let her go on the trip when she said i was going too.


At the airport in KL, i turned around for TWO SECONDS and when i turned back,
I swear this is the closest i have felt to losing a child,
and tried not to look too frantic,
when WALA.
She suddenly pops out from nowhere.  :xwhatevah:

“Where did you go? Oh my god, thought i lost you..!” i screeched.
“I just went over there…” she said with big innocent eyes.
MaintainMing: Did your mother lose you a lot when you were young?
ClaudiaOnCrack: Oh! All the time!  :xlaughing:

Me: 0_o … Die.

Ming: 0_o

Me: We really should have bought one of those child leashes for this trip…


Getting a hang of the rupiah conversion in the hotel room.
Currently, 100,000 Rupiah = RM35.


I simply guessed out loud that MaintainMing brought more make up than ClaudiaOnCrack and i combined,
and i don’t think i was wrong…


ClaudiaOnCrack doodling her love for MJ in her moleskine.



We stumbled into this place called Casa in Kemang.
Had a great bookstore downstairs, along with a shop selling Nooka and Vivienne Westwood for Melissa stuff.



We just hung out over Heinekens (roughly RM10 a bottle there! So cheap compared to P2’s RM18+15%tax per bottle in KL -_-)
before going home to sleep.

‘Twas interesting sleeping with Claudia and Ming…

I woke up a few times in between sleep,
and noticed that Claudia stays in the SAME position all night – lying on her side smiling in her sleep like a Disney princess.
She smiles like such a sweet child in her sleep, you’d think she’s having the most amazing dreams (which she usually does).

Ming, on the other hand, sleeps like what i’d like to call a cartoon dinosaur.
He tosses, turns, sleeps on his tummy, turns unto his back, paws in air,
while snoring in different tempos throughout the night.
It’s damn cute, with some variations of grunts and scratching.   :xlaughing:
(sorry if i make your saham jatuh here, lemme know and i’ll remove ok :p)

On Wednesday, we decided to potter about town and check out Mangga Dua for cheap shopping.



ming wong

teh botol

Most of our diet during the whole trip consisted of nasi padang + teh botol
So sedap ok their nasi padang… we told ourselves confirmed we’ll crave it when we’re back in KL!


Big ass fountain in the middle of Jakarta city

joyce wong claudia low

joyce wong claudia low

kiddy park jakarta

We saw a kiddy area in Grand Indonesia mall, and ClaudiaOnCrack and i were sorely disapointed that they wouldn’t let us in unless we were to chaperone a kid.
(Reminds me of the time i wanted to go into a Thomas the Tank Engine bouncy castle)

claudia low

We went on to say how life is unfair, and people are being ageist cos there should be nothing wrong with adults wanting to play in kiddy areas   :xsad:
Then we plotted on how to ‘borrow’ a kid.
I said maybe we could ask someone nicely.
Ming said he highly doubted anyone would lend people who looked the way we did, a child.
I paused, thought about Ming’s and my mohawks and agreed in disgruntlement.



Armadillo the weirdo tee hee!
Saw some nice McQ, and Alive + Olivia pieces in there.

ming wong

Hop, skip + a prance.
We get tired so easily -_-
So we went to Starbucks for some pick-me-up caffeine before continuing to Mangga Dua.

ming wong joyce wong

triski nuraini

Just so happened we bumped into an article by Triski, whom we were scheduled to meet that night.

studded bag

So many peeps in Jakarta loved MaintainMing’s DIY studded bag.

christopher kane x topshop

ClaudiaOnCrack wearing accessories from Kang and Justin Yap, with her Chanel in hand.


Jakarta is as jammed as i remember it.
I swear we spent 20% of our time out in a taxi.


I didn’t really like Mangga Dua.
So many people were asking us to go there (even from my first time in JK)
and maybe it’s because i’m spoilt with nicer and cheaper things in BKK.
A lot of the things there were like the stuff i’d find at any wholesalers place in SEA,
with the exception of a couple of shops.

MaintainMing spotted one first, led us girls there,
and we went a bit mad picking out stuff.


We met Amanda Putri, co-owner of Iconia
She’s not smiling in the picture below, but she’s actually really smiley the whole time we were there.
Girl was working a pose   :xwinky:

iconia amanda putri joyce wong

Putri chatted to us for a long time, asking us to drop by her other shop (in ITC Kuningan) on Friday for new stock and discounts
Back at the hotel, us three kept FTV on ALL THE TIME.
Below was when some male models were parading about.

ming wong claudia low


ClaudiaOnCrack and i bought new covers for our Berries in JK
She got yellow, and i got bright pink   :xlaughing:  :xlaughing:

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ming wong claudia low

Wed night we went to Potato Head to meet Kiki for the first time.
Drinks weren’t cheap, so Claudia and i opted for a bottle of wine to save cost :p
The bill came in a Lion King storybook cover! SUPERLOVE!

potato head jakarta

albert judiyanto + triski nuraini

Betet aka Albert Judiyanto; and Kiki aka Triski Nuraini

Betet is Art Director for DailyWhatNot.com,
and also has two other sites – albertjudiyanto.com and thisisbetet.blogspot.com

I first knew about Kiki after an article Annisah wrote about her on TIC,
and msged her on FB about us going to Jakarta for The Misshapes.
She contributes to RottenFresh.com, and also has a blog at iloveglam.wordpress.com

Betet and her took us to Donna + Bobi’s house,
where the rest of the Blackout crew were preparing invites for Fri night.

misshapes @ jakarta

misshapes @ jakarta





blackout gang jakarta

blackout gang jakarta

blackout gang jakarta

I must say a BIG THANK YOU to Kiki, for being an absolute darling,
introducing us to all her friends from Blackout and making us feel like a part of your group for a few days.
You guys are truly beautiful, and i hope to see you again in KL  :xwinky: or when i’m back in Jakarta  <3

After hanging out at the house,
Claudia and i were WELL TIPSY,
and started partying back at the hotel room – playing SalahWrong songs, doing hand puppet shows with our socks, and singing along to Disney songs.

claudia low

claudia low

claudia low ming wong

claudia low ming wong

Poor Ming, to be stuck with two girls on Disney crack.
He seemed unperturbed, but i don’t know whether he put on a good front.


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16 Responses to Jakarta: Day 1 + 2 – Blackout Gang, Grand Indonesia, Casa, Potato Head, Iconia

  1. TC says:

    Joyce – pls tell Ming that his godbrother in new York City says “Hi” and is happy that he is so successful in the fashion industry now. We’ve been following his work on yr blog. He also wants his hair cut by Ming when he comes back for hol in Dec next mth.

  2. kiki says:

    I miss u guys already…we all should meet up again.. 😀
    anyway i love all your photos here babe…lets stay in touch.
    U guys are my fav fashion darling from KL…

    much luv


  3. wendy says:

    I think your adverts for BB are working..I was contemplating whether to get it or not then i kept reading about it in your blog..
    And i finally bought myself one a few days ago..:)

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    TC: cool… 🙂 he’d love to hear that, have directed him to your msg!

    kiki: we wish we could stay longer too! no worries, i’m sure we’ll meet again!

    wendy: that’s great to hear! hope you’re enjoying it!

  5. tracie says:

    hi, im a reader of urs for quite sometime.
    can i ask u wat’s ur opinion for using blackberry curve 8250? is it good , function, free chatting wth bb’s friends and all? i went to maxis and approached the guy working there for enquiry regarding to the phone, he really pissed me off,saying tat phone not gd etc etc -.-‘ prefer to me get the expensive 1 this n that (as im realllyyy interested in getting one)… so yea, i am just surveying around the ppl who is using it, those working fellows r not reliable at all. thank you soooo much 🙂

  6. JoyceTheFairy says:

    hi tracie, sounds like he’s trying to con you into buying the more ex one! if you plan to use it for basic internet access, media playing, all social media platforms and regular phone use… this is for you.

    cos so many of my friends bought it, and they all love it. best of all it’s so much more affordable…

    i know i sound like i’m selling it kau kau to you, but you can google or ask any other 8250 user 🙂 good luck!

  7. tracie says:

    hey, wow tat’s quick! thank you so muchhh.

    exactly! maxis has this promotion, rm488 to get the 8250, tat’s how they got me into it.
    i just need a veryy basic + pretty(of course) new phone hehehe. alrite, perhaps xpax is a new try …….

    thanks again 🙂
    hv a great day ahead.

  8. cindy says:

    hi joyce,
    i just sold my e71 and gonna get my-soon BB8520. well abit part of ur advertisment, kinda got me looking into BB stuffs. never tot of BB, a nokia fan all the way. so im going for BB.

    can i get those BB covers, lovely i must say, like the ones u are having? please say yes, if no, i’ll faint. how much is it?

    hi tracie,
    im joining you…hehe

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    cindy: i got my cover in Jakarta for about rm15. i heard they have colourful ones in BKK too… i’ll be going there in dec and don’t mind helping you buy there if you can’t find in kl. let me konw 🙂 joycethefairy@gmail.com

  10. tracie says:

    haha hi cindy, yea u r rite, joyce really got me into it as i read her blog quite often! :p

  11. cindy says:

    hi joyce, thanks for the offer. i just bod a cover here myself at rm38, silicon grey colour. oh well, i know i know its ex! but im too worried i may just drop my new bb aged 4 days old. 🙂 also my left thumb is aching, due to too much txting and pressing the Alt/Shift keys. aiyo!

    tracie> have u got ur bb?

  12. john johnson says:

    You have a nice website and I enjoy reading it. The locals always make me happy. Even when struggling, I see some of the Thai sanook coming through.

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