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After some drama at the check-in counter in KLIA
which involved calling Fleishman PR Manager at 8:50am
which led to him calling the MAS ppl

RingoCheesie and i managed to check in our bags the same minute (i kid you not) the counter ppl told us check-in was going to close
We rushed to our gate to catch our flight
Took the train… and realised gate H8 was actually in the main terminal
So we had to take the train back where we came from!
Tak sangka okay, cos we thought only domestic flights took off from there
(We found out later we’re transiting in Kota Kinabalu, manatau!)

RAN to gate H8
Oh, and of course, it HAD to be the FURTHEST GATE AWAY FROM US
I saw a plane rolling merrily away, and said, “Oh NO! I SWEAR THAT’S OUR PLANE!”
Thank God it was the gate across it, and we managed to catch our flight.


“That,” i breathed to Cheesie, “was certainly very stressful!”

Flight to KK = 2 hours
Transit = 50 mins
Flight to Cebu = 2 hours

We arrived at around 3pm and went straight to our lil budget hotel
where i took a much-wanted shower

Cebu is a mixture of under-developed poverty meets Western decadence,
with the former taking precedence

Children knocked on our windows in the taxi to beg for money,
and one gave me rather huge fright by putting her face right against the window,
before the taxi driver opened his door a slit to shoo her away.

Traffic reminds me of Bangkok and Jakarta

Crossing roads here remind me of Hanoi –
We were urged by a man, watching us attempt to cross a busy road, to just CROSS
It was a rather suicidal attempt if you asked me,
just to take a picture of a fountain in the middle of a busy intersection,
“…Which has no water by the way,” i commented to Cheesie
We just risked our lives to take a picture of a waterless fountain -_-

We checked our SM Mall, but we’re really more interested in quaint local boutiques which we’ll go hunting for tomorrow
We’ve kinda decided on which areas we’ll ย give a miss after seeing it today,
and which we’ll be returning to.

Best place we went to check out today was Z Bar
which is an organic architecture marvel by Kenneth Cobonpue

The bar glows with what seems like delicate circular swathes of web
around the entire bar
with a light moon hanging in the middle

Z Champagne Bar

Z Bar
The Tinderbox Restaurant
(32) 2341685

OK tired, looking forward to staying at the Hilton Resort tomorrow!

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  1. Nicholas.C says:

    You do realize that gone are the days where the plane leaves without you. Ever since 9/11 it’s been policy that a passenger must fly with his/her luggage, and if said passenger cannot be found, the luggage has to be disembarked.

    That is your guarantee that as long as you’re checked in, the airline is going to spend the next 30mins or so trying their darnest to find you and put you on the plane, because digging thru the aircraft for your luggage and removing it is a major pain they don’t want to go thru.

    Not that it’s an excuse to be late. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. faith says:


    do you still remember the price range for the cocktails in Z bar when you went there? thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. […] we risked our lives crossing a main road to get to a roundabout to take a picture of a waterless fountain […]

  4. Joyce miller says:

    how can I find you on cardsapp? can I search your CBN? or simply your name? Thanks a lot

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