Heineken Green Room @ MNEP

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Taken yesterday at MNEP before the Heineken event started

noT a pole dancer!

grey top; alldressedup
sequined dress; bangkok
necklace; justin yap
caged heels; baci
studded bracelet; bangkok

hard to go wrong with blk + gold
Heineken got SalahWrong to spin music for the night (thank you! We had fun :D)
SarChan and i threw in a lot of new songs we like but haven’t played before
i opted for some from Tiga, Metric, Boy in Static, Kleerup and Regina Spektor’s new album
i don’t know the ones SarChan threw in yet, but i DO remember this ONE SONG WHICH I LOVE AND IS GOING ON MY BALI PLAYLIST!

It’s called Gigolo by a now disbanded The Crash

Don’t ask me why the video is showing a bikeย   :xwhatevah:
I have such a different image in my head when i listen to the song – sun, beach, dancing around with spinner, laughing
So a bike… is ruining it for me
But just listen to the song and ignore the bike okย   :xsilly:


SarChan + SueOKToAlcoAnn having a go


Salah + Wrong + So
(next time we gotta put Susu on the left of pic)

heineken @ MNEP

There are 3 small Heineken events prior to the main Green Room one that’s happening 1st August @ Zouk (You can click here to get invites)

Each of the 3 events feature art + fashion installations by the respective boutiques.
1st one was by Replacement last week, 2nd one was MNEP yesterday,
and 3rd one is at sevendays next Wednesday
TiC is giving out passes for that (click here to get yours)

6 Responses to Heineken Green Room @ MNEP

  1. reb says:

    i LOVEEEEE your heels!

  2. Patrick says:


    You look so good on the Damn Sad lah post. Have you listened to those sad songs by Camera Obscura. I like
    French Navy and Let’s get out of this country .

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    reb: thank you ๐Ÿ˜€ i blogged about it before here:

  4. joannne says:

    thats not the actual mv for gigolo infact i dont think they made one.
    anyways it’s a damm shame they disbanded, love the crash!

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