Ferragamo show / Kent launches Nanotek / KLue Blue Chilli Award 2009

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On Friday night i dropped by the Ferragamo show @ Pavilion

ferragamo show

– Kee Hua Chee (SarChan’s BFF) had to sign in his name using 3 lines worth of space. Figures -_-
– out of all the male models, only one was being ogled at by us
– one female model slipped and fell, arising shouts in the crowd
– bubbly didn’t seem to run out

I stared at a really sexy dress, wondering how many months i would have to save for it.
Or go without alcohol for.
Or forgo my car payments and use the dress’ sex appeal to hitch rides/sell myself.
And decided i’d rather not have the dress thank you very much.

ferragamo show

Elaine emceed and i wanted a pic of me and her in that beautiful dress
Marcus a bit fail cos he didn’t get our feet in the picture (and WHY do i look fat there!? ISH)

Then i went to Maison for the Kent Nanotek launch

kent nano launch

Aps, Deep, FaiTheMai

kent nano launch

Caught up with some excolleagues like Lam!

kent nano launch


kent nano launch

Josey, me, Jay

kent nano launch

I know Spike from my first job as a photographer at Faces magazine 4 years ago
or 5? Hmm

kent nano launch


Promptly left before i got drunk (i is angel!)
But someone else did (hmm) for which i’m quite displeased
+ + +
Went to Apartment Downtown @ KLCC today to support the KLue Blue Chilli Awards 2009

KLue Blue Chillies Award 2009

Jin Hackman won the KLue Blue Chilli Award for 2009
The prizes are quite cemerlang:

  • Levi’s apparel worth RM1000
  • i780 Samsung Mobile Phone worth RM1799
  • WEP 250 blue tooth headset worth RM299
  • Carolina Herrera products worth RM1200
  • Apartment Dining voucher worth RM250
  • L’Oréal Paris Skincare products worth RM 800

The person who nominates him wins the same.
I’m gonna make sure i nominate more ppl next year!

KLue Blue Chillies Award 2009
AdamPoserPan and i happened to be on the phone when i was on the way to KLCC
asked him whether he wanted to pop by and he did
‘Twas nice to catch up with him cos we rarely do   :xsmooch:

KLue Blue Chillies Award 2009

KLue Blue Chillies Award 2009
Love the shirt   :xwinky:

3 Responses to Ferragamo show / Kent launches Nanotek / KLue Blue Chilli Award 2009

  1. Adam says:

    thats a seriously muscular chest i have 😀

  2. fai says:

    adam: and sexy as well

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ish -_-

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