R.I.P. Michael Jackson

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i swear this is the first time i’m crying hearing about an icon passing away
i’ve never given a fuck about others

MJ died at the age of 50 from a cardiac arrest.

Also read this.

i grew up listening to all his songs cos Daddy has most of his albums
i memorized all the lyrics
i imitated the dance moves when nobody was watching
i watched the videos on LD so many times i knew which scene would come next

never knew i could feel this way about a celebrity passing away

my favourite song of all time is Man In The Mirror
would listen to it in Bali and shout it out with RowdyRudy
it’s on my morning playlist while getting ready for work

What’s your favourite MJ song?

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  1. annant says:

    it just startled me when i first saw “MJ rip” in frends fb’s status!
    fav would be Billie Jean T-T

  2. Never really cared bout celebrities passing except for MJ either. I agree that somehow something just struck a nerve in me. My favorite MJ song has to be Beat It and Billie Jean. Its even on my phone along with all the headbanging rock songs!

  3. my favourite mJ songs were Billie Jean and Beat it. Still have em in my phone along with a whole bunch of headbangers. Says alot… he is a legend. may he rest in peace.

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    i love billie jean’s vid where he steps on the pavement and it lights up!

  5. PB says:

    it would be Remember the Time… was crying on the way to work and listening to fans calling in to radio stations crying to say how shocked they are and how they grew up listening to his music..

  6. JoyceTheFairy says:

    oh i love love love that song and video too!

  7. PB says:

    yeah. No one makes great video clips like him. The effects for remember the time was captivating at that time when it was aired. Like how he would go *poof*

  8. JoyceTheFairy says:

    i always remember the faces morphing at the end of the B&W video clip. always tried to remember sequence so can tell whose face was coming next :p

  9. Vy says:

    My all time favourite song is Heal the World. That song was written and composed by MJ himself. Loved the lyrics.

  10. Eve says:

    I love Heal the World too. Yeah, cried while driving to work, shocking. All his songs and videos are amazing.

  11. Josh says:

    “Beat It”.

    I remember I used to watch the videos on VCR with my family on Friday nights as a kid, and I used to be so afraid of the “Thriller” video, especially the last pair when he stares at the camera and there’s an “evil” laugh.

    Why is it the destiny of pop icons to suddenly die? (ie Elvis, now MJ) I was jokingly saying to my cousin that Madonna is next wtf.

  12. spiller says:

    mine is “Dirty Diana”. MJ rocked this song amazingly, especially live.

  13. Heal The World but B/W is a close second. Sigh :/ yeah I remember a friend named Hero performing his dance during one of our after swimming competition’s performance.

    We do grow up listening to his songs… it’s really weird knowing he passed, it’s so sudden.

  14. Chris Tan says:

    Man in the mirror too..

  15. Shannon Tham says:

    Yo Fairy,

    Am in LA now. Just spotted this. Some artist did this.



  16. Shannon Tham says:

    Yo Fairy,

    Am in LA now. Just spotted this. Some artist did this.



  17. *shal* says:

    i think my favourite has to be Ben! i absolutely <3 that song. it was devastating to wake up to the news of his demise. what a legend of a man!

    in a strange way i am relieved that he no longer has to endure the shame and embarrassment the media subjected him to. he will now remain THE pop icon in the eyes of the world.

  18. poppy says:

    My fav also Man In The Mirror.

    I remember i used to hangout at SungaiWang at that time………SO SAD.

    And Triller in my secondary school.

    Watched VHS video tape,remember????

    ………Rest in PEACE,MIKE!

  19. :: Lisia :: says:

    Hi.. I was crying too while I knew he’s gone..
    I’m really sad.. I’m one of his big fan T_T

  20. Arth Akal says:

    “people always told me be careful what you do, don’t go around breaking young girls hearts…”

    it’s billie jean for me!

    i grew up on MJ cos my folks were big fans as well.
    and until today, i am still a huge fan regardless what he had been through.

    y’know, i felt a part of my childhood just died..

    i’m sad :'(

    moonwalk to heaven MJ

    RIP <3

  21. It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP.

  22. ZeekNotGeek says:

    Remember The Time.

    Hey Joyce! Saw you at Urbanscapes and wanted to come say hi. but you were talking with someone and looked busy. You looked taller.. i always thought you’re petite! haha…

  23. Kamelia says:

    My favourite song has always been Childhood…it was one of the soundtracks for the movie Free Willy. You should really see the music video.

    In an interview once, MJ said that if you truly wanted to understand him, you’d have to listen to this song.


  24. Josh says:

    I don’t know if you know this, but James Morrison did a tribute cover of “Man in A Mirror”, it’s pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Frank says:

    DEspite the controversial aspect of his life, his legacy as a ground-breaking artist remains. RIP. And RIP, Farrah Fawcett.

  26. William says:

    I love that song too and that 1988 grammy performance was superb.

  27. azzizu says:

    i luv him so much…until nw juz cant belive it…im still upset…but look atthe bright side maybe god luv him more!!!4 eva in my heart MJ!!! RIP MY DEAR!!!! ๐Ÿ™

  28. […] I AM such a huge MJย fan (as are half the people on this planet), and even cried when i knew he’d passed on. […]

  29. Hello, Michael was great.His biggest song is Billie Jean,I love it!.

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