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I got ClaudiaOnCrack a package of happy colourful things for her birthday
– pipe cleaners, glitter, pattern punchers, 3D stickers

She got so excited she started googling up videos on how to make animals from pipe cleaners
And made a dinosaur, a duck and a flower
Tadika Freeform

Then she found some glue to play with her glitter…

Tadika Freeform

Tadika Freeform

Tadika Freeform

I also got her stickers to be given one at a time when she does a good piece of work
So i got all the stuff she likes – Miley Cyrus la, Hannah Montana, Zac Efron, Disney princesses, animals, etc.
Tadika Freeform

Tadika Freeform

Behind my desk are strips of corkboard where (i assume) Adrian expects us to hang up things to do with work
I don’t know, lookbooks, images and things that inspire us

Instead, i have caricatures of myselfย  :p
(drawing episode here)
And a flower ClaudiaOnCrack made for me from pipe cleaners
Tadika Freeform

I’m sorry, i can’t help but look behind me sometimes and think i’m in a kindergarten!

4 Responses to Hi, Welcome to Tadika Freeform

  1. jay says:

    cute nyer…heheheheh tadika?? ya rite!!!

  2. chyi says:

    Pretty awesome. Looks like a ball of fun
    better than the dinky kindy i went to last time.
    So where do i sign up? hehe

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