Going With The Flow, And Loving Your Curves

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If you’ve read my Daily Dress posts before, you might have got the gist that i dress:
1. pretty much 10 minutes before i’m out the door
2. according to my mood/event for the day/my body shape

Someone (okay more than one person) asked me how i throw things on in such a jiffy and still look like i spend time putting it together.
And how come i never wear anything twice.

Well i’m going to be giving you a few idiot-proof (also lazy-proof   :xwinky: ) formulas that i use.
And also how i cheat into *looking* like i never wear anything twice.
(Come on la, how to afford like that -_-)

First of all, you MUST have basics.
Things like tank tops/long flowy tops/jeans/leggings/Ts; in black/white/grey and other monotone colours.
Treat those as your base to throw on other things like scarves and accessories to change your look and combinations constantly.

Pieces like tank tops and leggings are those you can find anywhere,
from high street stores to night markets,
depending on the cut/quality you prefer, and the price you’d go for.

DarlingDhanya wearing my Levi’s jeans in Langkawi

Jeans, on the other hand, is something that you have to invest in.
Once you find a pair that suits you, you can stick with it for life.

The first pair of jeans i ever owned was a pair of Levi’s®
And despite having recyled my wardrobe a few times, that pair of jeans is still with me!
(With addition of more pairs of course   :xwinky: )

Just last January, Levi’s® launched a new range of jeans for women called Levi’s® Curves,
especially designed for girls who embrace their shapely figure.

What’s special about these jeans is the cut – drafted to hold more booty,
with smaller pockets that are strategically placed to make your bum look perkier!

I’m all for a pair of jeans that makes my bum look better


Here’s how i dress my Levi’s® Curves up in my 10-minute Manner.

1. Throw on printed top over basic bottom.

Here i throw on an animal print top i got for RM2.50 in Johore,
pulled on some peep-toe boots,
threw on a long necklace,
slipped on a studded leather bangle,
and wala!

2. Throw on another basic over basic.

Here, i use my favourite long white top, which is easy enough.

To make it interesting,
load on the accessories,
or throw on a vest.

This time i added on a sleeveless long top but left it unbuttoned.
and cinched everything with a belt (because i felt it was too flowy)

3. Layer a top over another.

Sometimes you impulsively buy a top that needs something to go with it…
or is that just me :p

I have a satin singlet on underneath which is too sexy to wear to work
So i hunt for something to go with it,
and ended up with this crop top (which couldn’t have gone alone anyway, well, i wouldn’t!)

4. Use a scarf.

Oh, my favourite trick.
Which is why i buy so many scarves.
They’re cheaper than buying a new top, but can be used so many ways!
(tie around neck/head/bag, or bring to holidays to decorate place up :p)

So what i’d do is wear a basic top and bottom, and add a coloured scarf,
which sometimes i’d wrap around a necklace to give it form of some sort.

5. Use jackets/long sleeves.

I haven’t even worn this jacket out yet
Am thinking it’d be great airport wear,
or a night out partying where it looks nice when going off shoulder (without flashing)

So there you have it, 5 looks that i threw on in 3 mins each time (cos my brother had to wait to take each picture >.<) and all without changing out of my Levi’s® Curves jeans!
See what i mean about having a pair of jeans that fits you right!

Levi’s® Curves comes in  slim, straight, or boot-cut; and is available in both stretch and non-stretch versions.
You also get to choose from worn-in denim in mid finish, to darker denim.

In Levi’s® stores now   :xwinky:

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2 Responses to Going With The Flow, And Loving Your Curves

  1. e2wen~* says:

    On a related note, I just got a pair of cheap jeans 2 days ago because I was desperate for something that almost fit since I’m not your typical petite Asian female. Then I saw this entry of yours. “Once you find a pair that suits you, you can stick with it for life.” I’m now determined to save up and get a real pair of jeans. =D

    On an unrelated note, I saw you in Kissaten @ Jaya One today! I’m hardly in KL so the chance of bumping into anyone I would recognise is real low. q=

  2. Kim Ong says:

    Omg, my last pair of Levi’s were from 2004 I think. I haven’t updated them yet, I dunno if it’s a good thing – I haven’t grown? Or, I just haven’t found the next good pair of Levi’s yet to fit me? Too comfy with the current one… You look great, babe!

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