DidiBuli & ClaudiaOnCrack: Face Off at Freeform

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One Friday, i wondered where ClaudiaOnCrack had scampered off to in the office
She’d finished most of her work, but still, i went to see what mischief she was up to

I found her at the lounge area drawing cartoons of everyone in Freeform

Tadika Freeform

Tadika Freeform
DidiBuli and her started arguing about how certain drawings didn’t look like particular staff,
which led to which drawing sucked,
which led to each saying they could draw better,
which led to a drawing competition between them to draw an innocent bystander – me.


Myra became timekeeper and i sat on the sofa trying to not to shake with laughter while holding the digicam

Omg i cried my non-waterproof mascara off laughing at them.

And that part with Didi shoving Claudia is CLASSIC.
DidiBuli betul la!

End results:

Tadika Freeform

I was wearing Jimmy Lim‘s AW08 Fashion is Boring shirt.

I have to commend ClaudiaOnCrack’s effort at getting my pedicure nail colour in the drawing.
Too bad she forgot my arms.

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  1. baby says:

    kelakar gila ok!!

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