Pushmore is a friggin cult. © Adrian Y.

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That’s one of the main topics i remember from our little office dinner yesterday night.

We went to La La Chong @ Kampung Kayu Ara
to commemorate Maybritt leaving to study illustration,
and SarChan’s + Myra’s birthdays.

Paid RM40 per person for:
2 types of crabs, tofu, lala in spicy soup, asparagus, kailan, steamed fish…

Was damn full.
Cos all i had all day was a few scoops of leftover noodles for brekkie + 1 piece of toast in afternoon.
So whack only la for dinner.

la la chong

Scooping veggie is the F4 (Famous Not-so-Funny Fahmi Fadzil   :xsilly: )

la la chong

SarChan + Myra cutting stabbing the cake

Oh yeah, back to the topic:

Pushmore is a cult.

Seriously la. All the people i know who go to Pushmore keep on bugging me to join it.
When i say i’ve already joined a gym, it’s like they didn’t hear a thing and keep on asking me to join Pushmore   :xwhatevah:
When i say i’m not into intense workouts, they (again like kenot hear) tell me how great and amazing it is   :xwhatevah:
It’s only when i look like i’m about to whack them or walk away, do they stop   :xwhatevah:
All the same ok – AnnaCanBeatMeUp, GarfieldChak, Adam. All you crazy Pushmore people.
Stay away from me!

Adam even started a blog about his workouts!
The last time he started a blog was when he tried getting my attention to get with him!
So… Pushmore is like his new love now.   :xwhatevah:

Enough about Pushmore.
Writing about it is making me feel like running to my bed and falling asleep.
+ + +

I felt zany today.

So i pulled on an array of patterns and colours
and wore my bright pink sandals with it.

yay for zany!

top + bottom; cheep cheep in bangkok
necklace; aldo
it's ok to be zany sometimes

I just noticed how my Circle of Peace is bengkok at 2 places…
from some major partying with it at Palate Palette
Well, i was thinking if *i* were a hula hoop,
I’d rather have some party scars and a GREAT HULA HOOP LIFE,
then being all pretty but boring and kept at home.
+ + +
Via Michelle Gunaselan,
this is too good not to share!

The 7 vices of highly creative people

5 Responses to Pushmore is a friggin cult. © Adrian Y.

  1. xes says:

    Yes pushmore is a cult! Soon its going to be a religion!! Hailll pushhmorrree!! Amitaba!!

  2. Kiran says:

    Nice blog! First time commenting here 🙂 I truly miss Malaysian cuisine 🙂 Hope you all had a great meal 🙂

  3. Sze Ning says:

    Hey Joyce, jom pergi Pushmore http://pushmore.blogspot.com/

    Alright kidding kidding 🙂

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  5. […] They were saying how lucky i was for being so skinny while eating so much all the time. And then trying to convince me to try Pushmore (again! how many times must i say no!) […]

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