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Last Sunday:

“I feel so productive today!”
“…why? All we did today was eat and watch shows.”
“Cos i joined the gym!”
“Joyce. There is a difference between joining the gym, and going to the gym.”
“Well, joining the gym is a step towards going to the gym! Step 1 was ‘deciding to join the gym’, Step 2 was ‘attempting to go near gym to sign up’, Step 3 is ‘signing up’ and Step 4 is going!”

Today, i completed Step 4ย   :xpleased:

I changed my first training session to 4pm
after deciding that 12pm may be a bit too ambitious for me after UOX last night

At 3:30pm, TigerJoe and i were about to leave Palate Palette
(where Steve Aoki and the Cobrasnake were, to sell merchandise and meet fans)
“Are you ready for they gym?  :xlaughing:
“Oh snore.”
“Don’t be a brat.”
“I’m nottttt. Gym is so snore!”

He dropped me off at True Fitness
“I feel like you’re dropping me off at schoolย   :xwhatevah: I don’t wanna go to school!!!”
“Ok baby, be good. Have fun. Listen to your teacher. Don’t fight with the other kids.”

I met my personal trainer Dino, and first thing we did was sort out what my goals were
They’re very simple – i just want to be more toned.
I don’t care about losing weight cos i’m damn skinny already,
I just feel i want to increase my energy levels and be more HEALTHY so to speak

Dino asked all these questions regarding my lifestyle including,
“How much do you drink?”
“Once a week? Once a month?” his pen poised over the form, ready to note it down
“… Every other day? I’d say 4 times a week,”
I tried not to sound as guilty as i felt

“Any injuries?”
“Just an ankle that got sprained last year.”
“How did you sprain it?”
“High heels.”
he suppressed a smile as he wrote it down.
I can’t believe he wrote down ‘high heels’ under my injury list -_-

On the treadmill, i honestly told him how i hate the treadmill
He asked me to just shut up and run
(okay la, he didn’t say shut up :p)
Then he said i run with my feet placed in front of each other, which was kinda weird

Later on as we were walking to other machines, he went, “Oh, now i know. You run like how you walk. In a straight line.”
I felt really cheesy that he’s implying as if i’m running on a catwalk.
So much for being on the track team in school.
All goes down the drain once heels came into the picture.

The rest of the workout consisted of him testing my endurance and strength.

Oh my god, i wanted to stop so bad when he made me use a machine to strengthen my back and shoulder muscles.
They’re so weak!
Super cannot make it dot com slash fail.

Later on, i told TigerJoe my body fat percentage which they measured using a machine that’s 99.9% accurate.
All i had to do was stand barefeet on it and use both hands to hold two electromagnetic thingamajigs
(have no idea what it’s called la)

“So what is it?”
“My body fat percentage is 24%”
“Wow! That’s really good! I’m surprised… seeing all the crap you eat all the time, like all that pork fat yesterday.”
“Pork fat gooooodddddd! Anyway i’m giving myself a goal to lower it by 6%”
“No, 6% is too much, i think by 3% would be just nice for you. I can’t believe you’re 24%. I thought you’d be like, 30%”

Anyhoo, i feel so accomplished after today ha ha.

Let’s hope i keep this upย   :xlaughing:

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