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and take pictures of me then i’ll always have updated pics on my blog
So busy
Or rather, priorities are different

Some backlogged pictures (as usual!) of some stuff i wore in February

This whole thing about harem pants… i wasn’t so sure about it cos dahlah i think my hips are big for my petite size (hence i’m always hiding them)
So i would never pay over RM50 for a pair of pants i know i might wear once or twice just to experiment
But chuck aside after that

I bought the pair below for RM20

daily dress
top; from a store kinda like MNG in Bangkok
pendant;ย pocket watch spotted in Petaling Street which i chucked on a chain
pants; platinum mall, bangkok
heels; nine west
watch; levi’s

Stupid thing was, they TORE as i was getting out my car when i reached the office
I heard a loud sound that sounded alarmingly like a rip
And sure enough… there was a huge tear at the crotch -_-

Showed it to SarChan that day and she laughed at me and told me to stop flashing her


daily dress
tie-dye top; bangkok
asymmetrical shrug; ck
leggings; chiang mai
bracelet; baci
watch; guess
peep toe flats; jakarta (for some ridiculous price of RM11)
multi-chain necklace; diva
zebra necklace; bangkok

Remember this zebra that freaked RowdyRudy out in Bali?
Hee hee

daily dress


daily dress
scarf; lah’lah’land
dress; jatujak, bangkok
belt and bracelet; kenya’s vintage store, bangkok
shoes; lacquer & lace

daily dress
Love love love all the treasures i bought from Kenya’s in my last trip
This particular one has got embellishments on the back of it
Of course, i try not to buy the stuff that is too dusty/rusted/worn

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