New Year, New Hairdo

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I’m procrastinating cleaning my room…
Or more specifically, the hallway outside my room.

i think this could go mighty well with pink. yesssss

[Ok i cheated, i photoshopped my eyebags away cos i’m make-up-less atm]

I’m all well again, just in time for CNY too! *phew*
On the day i got sent for an x-ray to check for pneumonia was the same day i started getting better
Been years since i got one, so nice to know nothing’s wrong with my lungs at any rate

Anyway i went to Milcah @ Qube where she thinned my hair (cos we’re gonna grow it out now)
I like how i just used the word ‘we’ for my hair
Cos she obviously owns it as much as i doย   :xsilly:

I quite like the new look
But i have no idea what rubbish it’s going to look like when the black roots grow out


It took MUCH longer than we expected to bleach it
My hair’s stubborn, she said
The poor ManOfTheMoment accompanied me to the salon
Making me feel quite guilty cos i detest people waiting for me
“Sorry… i didn’t know it’ll take so long!” i whispered
“It’s okay. Nobody said the life of a toyboy was easy.”
“… -_-“

After my hair was bleached, washed twice, had treatment done, rinsed, thinned so it’ll grow out gracefully, and rinsed again,
We paid for parking to leave Plaza Damas

I put the ticket into my side door compartment
And drove to the exit area
There, i absent-mindedly pressed the button
And waited while daydreaming

“What are you doing?” he asked
“… oh shit!”
“Not only are you a blonde, you’re a bimbo!”

I had pressed the button as if i were expecting a ticket
Instead of simply inserting my paid ticket to keluar the hell out of there


Ok ok i have to go clean my room AND outside before my parents freak out

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