Did You Look Up At The Sky Today?

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It was marvelous
Awful pity if you didn’t!

happy shroom sky!

As i drove down the main street in Bangsar
I sucked in my breath
When i saw how
The sky was

It seemed to span forever
(which it does, when you think about it)
With all sorts of clouds

When i say all sorts of clouds
That’s because, you know how you see a particular sort of cloud
Come out to play?

You have the small, light, fluffy ones
The gigantic, boisterous-like superwhite ones
Cumulus, they call them
The thin whispery ones
That spread out and thin out as it pleases
Like a patterned blanket

And they were all out in abundance today
Must be the spectacular sky
So every one wanted to come out to play

I felt like i was shrooming
It was so bright!
It made me so happy just looking up at it!
I also had to stop myself before i had an accident

Can you imagine:
“Cik, bagaimana kemalangan ni terjadi?”
“Er… i tengah tengok awan…”

In the middle of the day
I had to wait for someone for 5 minutes
And i didn’t mind!
Not a second!

I simply sat back in my car
And stared at the clouds
Twirling (it twirled, it did!)

Did you look up at the sky today?
It was marvelous
Awful pity if you didn’t!

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