Chivas 12 Made for Gentlemen by Bremont Launch

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* Written by Joe Kwan *

It had been a long ass week, when I got the email from Joyce, asking me to attend yet another watch event. I scanned the email briefly, already deciding this wasn’t my scene, when I saw the word “whiskey”. I typed out the words “I’d love to!” with a flourish and hit Send and the rest was history.

Fast forward a week, on a particularly hot Thursday, I was looking forward to the end of the work day when my phone bleeps, reminding me about the event. Thank God I was decently dressed. I raced down to Pavilion, fighting peak-hour-traffic, and arrived just in the nick of time.

Held in the Swiss Watch Gallery in Pavilion, the event celebrated the latest collaboration between Chivas Regal, British watch company Bremont and Swiss Watch Gallery. The entire space around Swiss Watch Gallery had been covered up in black velvet drapes, one would not have guessed it was smack in the middle of a mall! Behind the sexy black curtains were even sexier watches on display. From my last watch event, I’ve gained a mountain of respect for the art of watchmaking, especially the crazy attention to detail that is so easily taken for granted.




Everyone there seemed to be more mature than me, and knew each other. While I was walking around and browsing, the events team were kind enough to fill me in regarding the event. This partnership between Chivas and Bremont this time brought about the design of the Chivas 12 Made for Gentlement by Bremont limited edition gift tin alongside 12 collector item ‘Chivalry’ (I see what you did there, ya’ll) watches to celebrate excellence and precision in luxury.


This is the ‘Chivalry’ watch in question. Complete with alligator strap (epitome of luxury), it also features a piece of oak cask used in the maturation of whiskies for Chivas Regal, which I think is such a beautiful symbiosis of creativity! The symbolism continues in the form of the signature of James and John Chivas etched on the rotor of the timepiece and the Chivas crest subtly embossed on the dial (as pictured above). To cap it up, an engraved copper plate, taken from a retired Scotch whisky copper still, sits on the leather presentation pouch.


The tiny mirror shows you all the detailed little design elements such as the slogan “Live With Chivalry” etched around the back of the watch. From a designer’s point of view, I really appreciated these minor details which help elevate the product to a greater meaning.


All watches were displayed alongside the limited edition gift tin, which features deconstructed watch elements to showcae the elegant and complex engineering of Bremont chronometers. Ugh, so much thinking behind it. Loveeeeee!


A jazz quartet serenaded us for the evening. (très chic, non?)


The best part of the event, the bespoke cocktails made with Chivas!


The Rose St Challenge, almost too beautiful to drink (only almost). Its quite sweet, which makes you think there’s no alcohol in it. It is quite potent!


The best event catering I’ve encountered so far! My horrid picture does not do it justice but each and everyone one of these dishes were amazingly delicious!


Red velvet and chocolate trifles for dessert. I normally hate red velvet but this one rocked my world.


Darren from Chivas giving a short speech.


The event was short and sweet, the perfect end to a busy day!

Check out Swiss Watch Gallery, Bremont, and Chivas Regal for more info.

Also, visit the Swiss Watch Gallery at 2.46.01, Level 2, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


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