Keith Kee 10th Annv. /// Leftblock shoot

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Ming and i decided to go for Keith Kee’s gala event last weekend.
Out of the ordinary for me to want to go for an event on Sunday night,
that’s usually dedicated Brace-For-Monday DVD time with Clem!
I think work is making me semangat to go out more and remind myself i have a life outside the office!


Ming was oh-so-awesome to make me up using his tools of the trade.


Seriously, i looked so freaking tired when i went to his place.
I was working all weekend besides visiting Bershka and going for two family dinners.
Ming applied some wonder concealer and highlighted my facial contours to make me GLOW.


Ok i know this is a cheating pic cos i instagramed it so


Cris and Ming
I giggled when someone said, “Excuse me Miss,” to Cris
because all of us would refer to Cris as ‘her’
but it’s even better when a stranger does it   :xwinky:


I wore a dress courtesy of Gallo by Thian
Reza saw this pic and said i semakin kurus and should eat more.
Clem already says i eat like a man… if i could, i would eat all day :p
But not to worry! I’m planning to go to the gym in an effort to PUT ON WEIGHT on my skinny chicken arms and firm up my gravity-calling 28-year-old body.


The Ming and I.
I posted this on Instagram and Kubs wrote:
“The Ming and I: One Woman’s Story about her Time in the Faaaaaabulous Court of Emperor Ming.”

Loves it.


I changed twice in my car today   :xwhatevah:
Something that rarely happens even once.

After i left the office, i changed in my car to clothes for a shoot by Hong Kong’s Weekend Weekly mag.
After the shoot, i changed in my car again,
this time into my yoga clothes before going into the house.
Clem asked why i didn’t just change in my teacher’s house.
I said cos i didn’t want her to see me wearing a slutty transparent top..!


Chelle is wearing LEFTBLOCK Phantom Sheer Pants in White.
I’m wearing LEFTBLOCK Salmon Tail Cape.

BTW Does anyone have any good tailor/seamstress contacts?
Ours is DYING under a pile of work and can barely keep up with production for Leftblock.
We’re DYING to find more tailors..!
Please please email me at if you or your family know any,


Chelle looks like she’s holding an imaginary basket of flowers/food/cakes


The HK team got us to take pix with fashion designer Joe Chia.


People were staring at us in Bangsar…
and i told Chelle i felt like a FLAG with my cape flapping in the wind.


After taking pix on the road, they took more shots of us in a few boutiques.
They wanted us to ‘pretend’ like we’re shopping.
But Chelle and i don’t need no pretending.
We ended up SHOPPING FOR REAL   :xwhatevah:

Thanks to Pion and Weng for the coverage,
looking forward to the article (tho i prollie won’t understand in Chinese -_-)

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  1. Jun-Yi says:

    Your Bangsar shots look so fun and happy!
    Digging the Gallo gown as well. Wish I had occasions to wear gowns to! Lucky girl 😀

  2. Love ur orange silky jacket!!! really cool blog! im following! 🙂

    xoxo jenna

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