Floral for All-Year-Spring

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Am back from Bali!
Had the most amazing time there
and couldn't have wished for it to be better!   :xheart2:

Will blog about it all this week!

Actually thought to myself that maybe i won't be going back to Bali for some time anymore.
Have already been there around 8 times,
and a guesstimation of how much i spent on all those trips
make me go > 0_o

Think it's time to explore new places
instead of going back to where i'm comfortable :p

+ + +

Taken from before Bali,
orangina mani + lemon pedi (to match the sand!)

it's spring all year round anyway

it's spring all year round anyway
floral tights; spain
accs; ashes boutique + bkk

+ + +

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If you’re ambitious & responsible,
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