Happy Day @ Hilton

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Always wanted to blog these pictures but never put in the time (or some other event seemed more urgent to blog about then yada yada yada)
These were taken last Hari Raya holidays, when everyone was out of town
RowdyRudy and i didn’t feel like getting caught in the race at airports and on the highway to get out
So we indulged in staying at KL Hilton just for the heck of it

We LOVE Hilton
and call it our Happy Place

I think it became a habit a few Hitz people started at the same time (Serena, Adam, Rudy)
to stay there to ‘get away’ without actually getting away from the city cos work disallowed it
Happy Day @ Hilton

View of pool from window
Happy Day @ Hilton
You can always pretend you’re away if you act you’re away – bikini, alcohol, mixers, sunglasses!
Happy Day @ Hilton
RR loving the menu
Happy Day @ Hilton

Happy Day @ Hilton

One of my fave dishes at the Hilton is their burger
Order it medium rare with sauteed vegetables and i’m in heaven

We got that, and a vongole
But dunno why, i was awfully disappointed with the food that day
Was totally not up to par as per usual
Happy Day @ Hilton

Happy Day @ Hilton
Was trying to do StephTheVolcano’s end-of-the-world thing like we did in Bali
But it just didn’t work without a proper wall

I got really tired of hearing all the kids playing at the pool, but i still wanted to swim
So i ‘swam’ in the bathtub with my Circle of Peace
Happy Day @ Hilton
It’s a long weekend again and unlike most other people who’ve gone on holidays,
I’m in KL

Spent all day with MilcahG yesterday
where i found myself at the AIM rehearsals
watching her french dancer friends Norman and Kareem

Gonna spend RudyFairy time today
But instead of the bathtub, think i’ll make Rudy drag the kiddy pool out for me to sit in


Baci Boutique is finally online!

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