The tent

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While i was in Taiwan, Jun went on a fishing trip with the French boys for Matt’s birthday. I was like, “Go you! Have fun,” cos it was a camping trip. He excitedly sent me pictures of a camping tent beforehand, “Which tent should i buy? The one-man one, or the two-man one?”

He went for the 2-man one in case we need it for something together in the future.
I asked him on whatsapped, “Who’s gonna carry all our stuff?”, envisioning the porters we had in Kilimanjaro.
“Me! I’m the porter!”

After our trips, we were talking over ox tongue rice from Mei by FS, when he perked up in telling me how great the new tent is. “The new tent is so awesome baby! You’re gonna love it!”
I’m like, okay… it’s a really pretty tent but i didn’t think love is the word i was gonna go for.
“Imagine,” he continued, “we can stay anywhere we want!”
Suddenly i felt like i had accidentally backed myself into a position i had prior ideas about.
I mean, i said i’d go camping with you, but i’m not gonna carry all my own shit to some godforsaken place in the wild by ourselves.

“What about taking a bath?” i asked.
“We’ll use the lake!” he said.
“What if it’s cold? Then the lake is gonna be super cold… if we’re gonna stay somewhere without running water, the water has to be a certain temperature…”
“…I give up.”

A few minutes later, we were hugging in the living room when he said, “Think of all the wide open space we’ll enjoy while staying in the tent!”
I instead had a vision of wide open space in a wide open villa in Bali.

Two hours later:

He sidled up to me in the kitchen and said softly into my ear, “You’re gonna love the tent, baby.”
Oh God, seriously, again?
He continued, “It’s got ventilation flaps, *something something obviously i don’t remember* Imagine how instagram-worthy it would look!”
Me: Like what?
Him: A tent on the side of a lake with woods all around
Me: When i imagine an instagram-worthy shot on the lake, i’m thinking… wooden platform leading out into the lake *angles imaginary platform with hands* and, a swing! A nice swing hanging from a tree from the side of the lake.”
Him: OK *turns head down dramatically* i’ll go return the tent tomorrow.

Then the next day, he IGs THIS:

2. tent

He’s not gonna give up.

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