A poem for Baby

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This song has to be played while you read the poem cos we would play it on repeat in the office last year ย ๐Ÿ™„

There once was a baby who got named Faridah
Little did she know, she’d be awesome foreva
She grew up but didn’t grow too much taller
Her heart made up for it by being so much bigger!
As she grew older, everyone called her Baby
Despite being tiny, she was quite loud and crazy.

When she ventured out partying at TAG in Sonic
She met a little fairy holding a gin & tonic
(Baby was obviously an adult by then, or else this poem, wouldnโ€™t make sense!)
They hugged and became party friends because both were excited
And only years later did get properly connected
They spoke over coffee, cocktails and food
About dreams and experiences,
The funny, sad and good.

A work trip to Penang for Levi’s took place
And ever since then are in each others’ face.
Cos not too long after, they couldnโ€™t help it
When Baby wanted a new job, and Fairy said โ€œThatโ€™s settled!โ€
She started on 5th January in 2015
Handling operations and managing a team,
Baby learnt more things than Fairy would realize
like her schedule for eating, and underwear size.

To get away from work, they both planned a trip
where they both got lots of food, play and kip,
They stayed at Awanmulan set in the forest
Baby shrieked her fave line, “This is the bestest!”
All their My Little Ponies, did they pack
Princess Twilight Sparkleโ€™s castle, and complete train track
They played on the floor, cos there was noone to see
the girls could do what they want, so happy and glee!

In the year 2014, Fairy went off for summer
for Electric Daisy Carnival in the desert of Nevada
Right after she was to fly off to Porto and Berlin
With 4 days in Barcelona right in between
Baby whined about not meeting for days
When Fairy suddenly got an email from Qatar Airways
Inviting her to fly from Malaysia to Spain
But she was already there so it would have been in vain.
It only made sense that Baby take her place
The timing was kismet, they’d be in Barca the same days!

After yummy adventures of Spanish food and wine
(the men didn’t hurt too, their charms divine),
The girls returned home, hearts filled from adventure
the Little Dragon and Chief Fairy Creator,
to work on more projects while hustling like pros
for clients like Tommy Hilfiger, SaSa and Love Bonito.

The point of this poem, isnโ€™t to talk about work,
but about YOU Baby, your cuteness and quirks.
THANK YOU for being such sunshine in my life
without you, a little less i would thrive
You accept and love me for everything-
maniacal ideas and crazy mood swings.

Today is your birthday, so i figured it apt
to wish you kisses, cakes, songs and claps!
Have fun in Munich, i wish you were here,
but when you are back, with wine weโ€™ll cheers!

To your starsign of water, from mine of fire
i wish you everythingย your heart & dreams desire.


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  2. Tantiana says:

    Happy Birthday Baby! x

  3. Avillion says:

    Just found out about her real name.. is she a Muslim..?

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