“Are you ready to come to Crazyland?”

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It’s only Wednesday but i’ve felt like it’s been a VERY long week
As it’s been for so many of the past weeks

Last Monday, i was ready to pass out by 12 midnight
Jun and i were hanging out on the bed, and i felt myself woozing into unconsciousness
“I’m going to sleep now,” i mumbled
“What?” he said incredulously, “It’s only 12-something!”

True enough, most nights we sleep very late cos we’re working or hanging out
But that night… i couldn’t take it anymore.
He added, “How can you be tired? What happened to that girl who’s always up till late at night?”
I was so mad i thought to myself, “Screw….”
And before i could even finish being angry, i passed out.


In my defense, i had a 1-hour interview in PJ, office time, drove to an event in the city, spent 2.5 hours there, shot off to Bangsar, had a 1-hour con-call, then 30-min discussion, before driving back to PJ, went up to the office, drove back home… I was KNACKERED and yawning by 7pm but pushed on the laptop and phone, till i finally gave up at 10:15PM. Waved the white flag. I’m done for the day. My brain cannot work anymore. Go away everybody.

I slept straight till 4AM, which i know cos i checked the time.
In my sleep, i knew i’d achieved a state of REM, which i found surprising cos i usually get that much later at night/early morning.
I remember seeing a lot of grey and black waves visually, but everything else was dreamt via strong emotion and feeling.
I had this very intense knowledge and deeper understanding and acceptance about this dark alien energy reaching me through my laptop and ELECTRICITY. Items to do with energy and electricity. Especially wizardry blue zaps of sparkly energy lines zipping through the air. I woke up feeling torn between the comfort and relief of having a deep rest, and the feeling that i was being energetically tainted by a force unknown.

Something made me mention it on whatsapp to DB.
“I need to talk to you,” she said.
Due to our busy schedules, we managed a Skype call 36 hours after many bouts of slotting the communication in between lunch breaks and meetings.
I told her about my dream.
And she listened for a long time, without saying anytihing.
When i was finished, she spoke up, “Are you ready to come to Crazyland with me?

“I was already there a long time ago,” i laughed inwardly to myself.

DB said how her recent meditations have brought about messsages about this reptilian alien race that transmits its existence and beliefs through technology. And for me to suddenly message her was synchronicity on its taking place. “It’s the only way they can read everything about human beings and it’s so easy cos we are all stuck to technology all the time. We give all our information up on it.”

In my personal understanding, i believe there are many different types of aliens/beings, some which exist in different planes, some don’t even have physical bodies and exist in presence. There are those that don’t care about us (planet Earth) and many who do cos it’s said that we’re going through a most interesting phase of our existence now, with many people coming into consciousness. There are those that are waiting for us to lift ourselves up as a collective nation, as we won’t exist on Earth forever… Earth will eventually cease to exist but we will continue as another form elsewhere. I used to read up about the Acturians and Sirius, and there are many many out there that people write about on the internet. And if you wanna go deeper into real crazy, there is a youtube channel i used to listen to (haven’t for awhile) called Matt Muckleroy who would transmit into human language (English) messages that come from other beings / gods / angels.

She said that judging from my description of my dream, it sounded like i had (accidentally? subconsciously?) astral projected myself, a practice people do in deep meditation (and not like i’ve consciously achieved cos i didn’t take the effort or time to). So i had gone somewhere where i was near enough to ‘feel’ and ‘know’ of this ‘presence’.

“In one plane of existence, humans went towards the direction of using technology, we made clones but they weren’t as good as our original selves, and everything was computerized and happened immediately and fast. We stopped using emotions and started being robots and were eventually overtaken by cyborgs.”

I tried imagining that, which is so easy thanks to all these movies like A.I.

“There is another force which wants us to keep to what makes us most human – our emotions, and compassion. Compassion is a uniquely human trait that no other beings have nor understand. The word passion is also suffering, and com is with, so ‘suffering with’. The world’s frequency for love and compassion rose when it underwent things like 911 or Princess Diana’s death.”

Energy and frequencies from the laptop also sync with our body’s, and change the way we absorb soul information or growth. So i’m told i need to observe how much time i spend on it, and try to stay off when possible.

“Of all the people I had to tell this, it was you, and i was thinking to myself, how do i tell a blogger to stay off her laptop?” she said incredulously.
I buried my face in my hands, “All my work is done via my laptop or the internet. My entire career is based on the internet. Everything.” -_-

To be realistic, we’re not going to ban use of it but just to regulate how much time we’re stuck to it. She said i could try doing certain work on it while turning the wifi off, or remember to get out and ground myself on earth/grass. I recalled how amazing and happy i felt during the week i was at the hoop retreat in Bali, when all i did was move and meditate with nature surrounding all my bodily parts. I’m told that if i have my menses, to take even greater care as it’s when we’re a lot more open to new ideas and downloads coming through from the universe. Women are really special that way.

I had dinner with Clem after and told him about my recent conversation. “I am actually really tired, but i figured if i had dinner with you, at least i’m taking time off to talk to a person instead of watching something on netflix to relax,” i poked him. “But when i was walking here with the basket of food, i had my phone under my arm in the lift and thought ‘oh no! The aliens are still getting me through my phone!” He laughed and laughed.

But in all seriousness (to my life anyway), i am thinking of taking a digital detox. Maybe switch off my modem one weekend and not rely on the internet just for 2 days. Do things that don’t require technology, you know, REAL human activities that we used to do before the internet existed, like read my books, paint, dance, get out into the sunshine, swim, talk, sit still and feel my feelings, think, wonder, ponder, flow, BE.


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